Chance for say on hard waste


RESIDENTS and ratepayers are being urged to provide feedback on their preferred method of hard waste collection in the city.

A poll is being conducted online and a paper ballot being held at the Frankston Council’s customer service centres.

The mayor Cr James Dooley said the 2016-2017 draft budget had been amended to allow for a hard waste collection.

The move follows an “overwhelming response” from the community. However, he said the method of collection was still to be determined.

“Council has taken on board feedback that many community members want some sort of hard waste collection included in the draft budget, however, we have had varied feedback and need to determine which collection option is preferred by the community,” Cr Dooley said.

The community can vote for either a city-wide kerbside hard rubbish collection or an at-call collection service to be made available to every household.

“There will be pros and cons for both of these options and we are keen to hear feedback from residents and ratepayers about which they would prefer,” he said.

“If the majority of respondents vote in favour of an at-call collection they should be aware that they will need to call to arrange their pick up and adhere to the strict guidelines around collection limits and items that can be put out.”

If the city-wide annual kerbside collection is selected, residents are advised there will be strict conditions on what will be picked up – as well as “harsh penalties for those caught doing the wrong thing”.

This includes residents from neighbouring suburbs caught dumping rubbish, Cr Dooley said.

Council’s contractors collected 20 per cent more hard waste in last year’s collection than in previous years – more than enough to fill three Olympic swimming pools.

“Council received hundreds of complaints from community members who were frustrated with the level of abuse of the last city-wide kerbside collection – with many exceeding collection limits and putting out general waste among hard rubbish,” Cr Dooley said.

“Whichever decision the community opts for, they should be aware that council will be heavily policing what will be collected. We will not be collecting general waste among hard rubbish, or collecting more than is allowed.”

The draft budget was released Wednesday 6 April, and will be on show for 28 days. It includes cuts to the city’s capital works projects as a result of rate capping, creating a $43 million shortfall over the next five years.

To provide feedback for the survey or the draft budget, visit or see council’s Facebook page at or visit a customer service centre.

First published in the Frankston Times – 11 April 2016

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