Bailed teens’ crime spree


SIX boys from the Frankston area – one aged just 11 – were last week arrested and charged with multiple aggravated burglaries, thefts of cars and committing offences while on bail.

Sergeant Andrew Payne, of Dandenong CIU, said the offences occurred in the early hours of Wednesday 27 July in the Cranbourne West area.

The Caucasian boys, who were all described as “friends and acquaintances”, range in age from 11-16.

They are from Seaford, aged 11, Langwarrin, 13, Frankston, 14, Skye, 15, Frankston North, 15, and Frankston, 16.

Four of the boys, including the 11-year-old, were remanded in custody until their children’s court appearances, which have yet to be determined.

A 16-year-old, of Frankston, has been released pending further inquiries.

Frankston and Dandenong detectives in the Southern Metropolitan Regional Crime Team, part of Operation Comas,  arrested the boys in an ongoing crime investigation later on the Wednesday the burglaries and car thefts occurred.

The boys, who are not believed to be gang members, allegedly stole a Range River and a Hyundai sedan, as well as a laptop, wallet and credit cards, after breaking into houses and stealing car keys. The cars and credit cards have since been recovered, but not the laptop or wallets.

The boys were arrested after the Hyundai was spotted in Langwarrin on Wednesday.

On the same day, two 16-year-olds, of Frankston and Cranbourne East, were arrested on theft of motor car charges and remanded to appear at a children’s court at a later date.

Victoria Police has escalated its response to aggravated burglaries and carjackings across the state. Operation Cosmas was rolled out in May drawing together investigators under the umbrella of Crime Command.

Detectives in each region have been allocated additional resources to prevent, deter and investigate aggravated burglaries and carjackings.

Day and night patrols are being conducted at high-risk locations to prevent offences taking place.

Since the operation began police have made more than 80 arrests.

First published in the Frankston Times – 1 August 2016

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4 thoughts on “Bailed teens’ crime spree

  1. Well it’s about time the Courts and the law are change to accommodate these young people and the laws are changed so that the Police are allowed to take action against these young people they have no respect for people and especially the law the Police cannot touch them and they know it. The laws have changed were even parents are not allowed to touch there own children let allow the Police and again they know it as they are told the rights as a minor. This will even get worse as nobody can control them and again they know it the laws need to be changed to give the Courts and the Police to deal with them as they have there hands tied behind there backs.

  2. what about putting these kids into a detox,followed by some type of rehabilitation,including some kind of probation, instead these young men are places in a institutional inviroment with other boys including people they know,such as a friend involved in the same crime,this is not out of there comfort zone and it is there in juvenile centre where these boys connect learn crime leave and continue crim only to be cought and return to see there friends in juvenile where they have a feed,a bed,tv,phone,ect .i know for fact this is happening,it’s welcoming boy in to criminal world as young men. And perhaps the start of institutional life and person

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