Safe after science ‘chain reaction’


A SCIENCE experiment at Aspendale Gardens Primary School last week ended with three people being taken to hospital.

Mordialloc police were told a parent at the school’s science expo mixed half a cup of Coca-Cola in a plastic jug with the same quantity of granular pool chlorine. A chemical reaction created a vapour which, when inhaled by the parent and her children, caused respiratory problems.

CFA crews treated the patients with a breathing apparatus and removed the chemicals after the incident, Tuesday 16 August. 

Ambulance Victoria said three people were taken to Monash Medical Centre, Clayton, with minor injuries and were in a stable condition.

Aspendale Gardens principal Cheryle Osborne told Channel 9 News she had spoken with those injured in the incident and reported they were “safe and well”.

“The school is now back to normal and, apart from this small incident, the science fair was a success.”

First published in the Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone News – 24 August 2016

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