Helping tackle homelessness


HOMELESSNESS and mental illness in Frankston are being tackled through a program that includes the acquisition of 16 properties for people in need.

Frankston MP Paul Edbrooke said the state government will buy ten properties and lease six under a Rapid Housing Assistance program for people in need.

They had also funded $3.5 million to partner with ‘Haven Home Safe’ to provide accommodation in Frankston for people with severe mental illness.

The funding package will support 19,000 people at risk of or experiencing homelessness over the next five years, providing targeted support for especially rough sleepers, young people and veterans.

Mr Edbrooke said young people in difficult situations would be supported to get a job or study through board payments, housing subsidies and leasing arrangements until they are 21.

The funding builds on previous state-wide investments into improving and building new facilities.

“The Frankston Service Response Partnership provides more support than ever before in Frankston to ensure those experiencing homelessness or escaping family violence have access to housing and targeted assistance to help them, something that Frankston has desperately needed,” he said in a statement.

“The aim of the Frankston Service Response Partnership is about creating a network of wraparound services in Frankston that doesn’t just stop at feeding people, but gets them housed, cared for and back on their feet.”

First published in the Frankston Times – 28 November 2016

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