Footpath delay ‘dangerous’


Mind the bend: Former Frankston mayor Darrel Taylor wants council to urgently build a footpath at a blind corner for pedestrians in Frankston South. Picture: Gary Sissons

A FORMER mayor of Frankston has become frustrated with a lack of council urgency to build a footpath in Frankston South at a “dangerous blind corner” for pedestrians.

Ex-councillor Darrel Taylor says residents, council officers and councillors agreed in July last year that a footpath between Fenton Crescent and Nepean Highway was needed due to safety concerns.

“There have been numerous near misses as pedestrians are forced to walk on the road near a blind corner,” Mr Taylor said.

“I would rather council acted now instead of waiting until someone is seriously injured or killed.”

The ex-mayor said he had spent several months chasing council for an explanation of why it is taking so long to build a footpath at the corner.

He raised the footpath delay publicly with council officers at January’s council meeting.

Current mayor Cr Brian Cunial said council has been looking at ways to build the footpath but admitted its construction could still be months away nearly a year after safety concerns were flagged at the blind corner.

“Council officers have been investigating alternative options for constructing a footpath along Liddesdale Avenue from Fenton St to the Nepean Highway,” Cr Cunial said in a statement.

“A report on the options will be presented to councillors at the May council meeting for consideration.”

First published in the Frankston Times – 20 March 2017

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