‘Dirty’ diner fined


A BURGER joint in Frankston has been slapped with a $30,000 fine for multiple food handling offences including failing “to maintain the food premises to a standard of cleanliness”.

The America-themed diner’s proprietor was fined in Frankston Magistrates’ Court in February for 44 breaches of the Food Act after Frankston Council health inspectors visited Big Dog Diner on five occasions between August and November last year.

Council inspectors were “obstructed” from carrying out food safety inspections in August according to the state government’s Food Convictions Register listing the hygiene offences at Big Dog Diner.

Offences included a failure “to store food in such a way that it was protected from the likelihood of contamination”, failure “to maintain the food premises to a standard of cleanliness where there was no accumulation of garbage, food waste, dirt, grease or other visible matter” and a failure “to maintain easily accessible hand washing facilities”.

Frankston Council acting CEO Tim Frederico confirmed one of the charges “was in relation to obstruction of council officers when undertaking their duties”.

“Where incidents such as this occur, council will subsequently deploy additional officers for any future on-site inspections at the known premises to ensure the safety of our staff,” Mr Frederico said in a statement.

“Council officers have inspected the property twice since the court hearing to ensure the business has adhered to all food safety standards and regulations and will continue to do so as per council’s normal procedures.

“Currently, the premises meet all relevant food safety rules and regulations.”

Mr Frederico said council works with more than 850 food outlets across Frankston to ensure compliance with food safety rules and regulations.

There is also a Big Dog Diner restaurant in Bendigo.

First published in the Frankston Times – 12 June 2017

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One thought on “‘Dirty’ diner fined

  1. Have eaten there twice and on both occasions saw staff touch food that was either being prepped or cooked, with their bare hands. I mentioned this on their Facebook page and received a barrage of abuse in a message from the manager/owner. They stated they were exempt and didn’t require gloves during some food handling. The last straw for me was seeing the coin wipe her face and nose with her bare hands and then touch a number of burger buns. Disgusting.

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