Pursuit gets airborne


A CAR on the run from police ran up a power pole support cable and became suspended in mid-air with its wheels spinning, 12.40am, Sunday 2 July.

Sergeant Phillip Hulley, of Frankston police, said Somerville Highway Patrol police spotted the car with home-made number plates driving along Turner Rd, Langwarrin, and turning into Cranbourne Rd.

He said they activated their lights and siren but the car accelerated and was last seen driving into Long St. Continuing their patrol, the patrol crew again spotted the car, this time near the corner of Turner Rd and Beech St, and gave chase.

In the chase, the car is alleged to have mounted a gutter and run up a power pole guide wire where it remained – with all four wheels spinning helplessly – in mid-air.

Police smashed the driver’s side window and sprayed the male driver and his female passenger with OC foam. He crawled over his passenger and bolted and is still at large.

Police found cash and drugs in the car which was later seized.

The man, 32, who has been identified, is expected to be charged on summons with numerous drug and driving offences. The passenger was released after being given medical care.

First published in the Frankston Times – 10 July 2017

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