Time to face the faces


If the face fits: Photographer Richard Simpkin’s Locals of Frankston exhibition on display at the Frankston Arts Centre.

THE people of Frankston are the focus of a photographic exhibition at the Frankston Arts Centre until October.

Photographer Richard Simpkin’s Locals of Frankston features “a collection of remarkable photographs and stories of the people you may pass on the street every day”.

Simpkin snapped a range of people, from residents to former mayors, to capture “a true snapshot” of the diversity of Frankston.

“It promotes Frankston in a positive way and I hope we can all come together for this wonderful exhibition,” he said.

Faces of some of the photographed subjects are being projected on the FAC fly tower most evenings.

See frankstonfaces.com or call Frankston Arts Centre on 9784 1060 for more details.

First published in the Frankston Times – 10 July 2017

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