“Tin kettlers” welcome newlywed Hantons


LAST Wednesday a band of “tin kettlers” went down to give the new bride and bridegroom, Mr and Mrs Hanton, a rousing welcome.

The band was very hospitably entertained and a very pleasant evening was spent.


ALL soldiers will be entertained at afternoon tea in the Hall this afternoon at the conclusion of the speeches in the Park.


IT is the intention of Councillor Oates to call the ratepayers of the North Riding together at an early date to give a general resume of council matters during his last two terms of office extending over six years.

The date will be fixed and notified by advertisement in our next issue.


MORNINGTON Junction Progress Association (modern day Baxter)

The monthly meeting of the above was held on Aug 1st. President – Mr Green (in the chair) Messrs Grant, Harley (V. Roberts, V. Stott, Hawken, McColl, Bowley, Dicker, H Male, Fulton, McCubbin, Marshall, Walsh, Butler, C. Young, Barclay, and Persson. Mr Jackson, secretary of the Co-operative Society at Somerville was also present.

After the minutes and correspondence had been disposed of, Mr Marshall, in a very forcible speech, drew attention to the fact that we as a community were being very unfairly treated in respect to Council matters.

After every heavy shower people wishing to get to the station from the east side, have to walk through water up to their boot tip.

This, it was felt could not be tolerated any longer and a deputation consisting of Messrs Marshall, Green and Grant, were deputed to wait on the councillors at the Council Chambers and place the matter before them for their urgent consideration.

Further council matters were dealt with, viz, redistribution of boundries of shire so that Mornington Junction, would get a better deal. Also the advisability of getting some one to represent us at the Council table.

As it was too late to bring a man forward this time, and so as to help that one if necessary at next election, it was moved that a fighting fund be established and a levy of 6d per member per quarter was agreed on.

Nominations for candidates to be called for in May of each year.

It was moved that a local committee be formed to assist the repatriation committee and bring before them the suitableness of our district for returned soldiers.

Tree planting in the streets was then reported on and Arbor Day fixed for August 18th. 35 trees are to be planted this year and named after the soldiers who have enlisted.

Mr Roberts gave notice of motion that at next meeting he would move that member’s subscription be 2s 6d. The meeting then closed.

A meeting of those present was then held to decide on a new name for the station and post office.

The name Mornington Junction being considered unsuitable.

21 names were submitted to the exhaustive ballot of the members with the result that the name Irvine was chosen.

Mr Dicker moved that the name Irvine suggested by the meeting be sent on to the progress association who will take the necessary steps to forward same to the proper quarters. Seconded by Mr Persson and carried. The meeting then closed.



At 10.30 last Thursday morning, Mr Adamson, Minister for Public Works, accompanied by Mr Kermode, the departmental Engineer visited Frankston for the purpose of inspecting Kananook Creek.

They were met and conducted round by Crs Oates and Clements, Messrs Mason, Sambell (Shire Engineer) Bradbury and Dr Maxwell.

The party worked down from the Mile bridge, inspecting the creek at each street crossing and from Wells street to the mouth.

Mr Bradbury & afterwards provided luncheon at the Fernery amidst most charming surroundings.

In reply to the vote of thanks, tendered by Crs Oates and Clements, the Minister expressed his sympathy with the residents in their endeavour to improve Frankston and stated that Mr. Kermode would supply a full report for the consideration of the Minister.

The latter then returned to the City at 1 p.m.


SOMERVILLE Red Cross Society.

The Jumble Fair held in the Hall on Saturday Aug 4th was most successful. The weather was good after the severe storm on Friday and everything went well without a hitch.

The refreshment stall, under the capable management of Miss Barber was one of the most chick ever arranged in the district and its artistic and inviting appearance accounted for the roaring trade, being the largest takings for one day on record.

Great praise is due to her band of workers.

The product stall under Mrs Jas Murray realized £14. Hoopla by the syndicate with Mr Ted Gomm as “Tote” did a splendid trade, between £5 and £6 being taken without a penny expense.

Ice cream and lollies managed by Mesdames White and Coop did a roaring trade.

Fancy stall under Mesdames C. Grant and Iles sold all out at something over £5 with only 15s 3d expense.

The cake stall managed by Mrs Gault and Misses Goodson and Laura Thornell also was cleared. The total takings being about £40 expenses £9.

The President, Mrs Gault and secretary, Mrs G. Shepherd desire to thank all those who donated and assisted at the Fair.

11s 6d was donated to the Fair by a football match held in the park.


ON Saturday night, 28th July, the Hastings Church of England Girls’ Guild gave a cantana, entitled “Snow White”, in the local Hall.

There was a splendid attendance and the girls are to be congratulated on their fine acting and beautiful singing.

Between the acts, songs were rendered by Misses F. Unthank and Matthews ; Messrs Carr and Barber, which were greatly appreciated.

Mr Martin moved a vote of thanks to the performers and thanked them for their kindness in coming so far to give their entertainment.

Mr White seconded the motion which was carried by acclamation.

Mr Porter responded on behalf of the girls.

The concert was given in aid of the Patriot’s League Funds which will benefit to the extent of £8.

Tea and supper were provided by the lady members of the League.

A dance terminated a pleasant evening.


THE monthly meeting of the Fruitgrowers’ Association was held on Monday night.

Mr Keast moved that this Association approach the Post Master General re having the telephone connected with Frankston until nine o’clock on Saturday nights.

Mr G Shepherd seconded the motion which was carried.


LAST Saturday afternoon a football match was played between the Old Buffers and Boys under 21.

A very enjoyable game took place and resulted in a win for the seniors.

Scores were as follows:–Buffers 5 goals 8 behinds; juniors 2 goals 4 behinds.


From the pages of the Mornington Standard, 11 August 1917

As published in the Frankston Times – 7 August 2017

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