Police alerted


POLICE arrested a woman in a car allegedly “crammed with stolen goods” after a house in Patterson Lakes was robbed, 4.45am, Saturday 9 September.

Earlier, a neighbour had called 000 after she saw “shadowy figures” and heard noises in the Gladesville Blvd unit when she knew the owners were on holidays.

A man was seen running away just before police arrived. Kingston detectives found the back door kicked in and the house ransacked. In the street, they allegedly found the woman in the car desperately trying to free her handbag which was pinned by goods allegedly stolen from the house.

She was taken to Moorabbin police station and released pending summons on possible burglary charges.

The owner of the car, a Drouin man aged 53, was contacted and interviewed before being charged with burglary.

First published in the Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone – 13 September 2017

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