Substation conversion plan


Derelict: Plans may be afoot to make use of the abandoned Seaford substation. Picture: Gary Sissons

OTHER uses for the Seaford substation will be canvassed by Frankston Council to make use of the building constructed in the 1920s.

Councillors at this month’s public council meeting voted to investigate possibly converting the abandoned building into an “art museum” or “community hub”.

Cr Kris Bolam said Seaford residents at a recent ward meeting with ratepayers had mentioned making use of the substation.

The Seaford substation is located on VicTrack land and effectively falls under state government control but council CEO Dennis Hovenden believes council can be involved in discussions about its future use.

“I think there is a level of willingness from VicTrack and PTV [Public Transport Victoria] to work with council,” Mr Hovenden said at the meeting.

Cr Glenn Aitken said the building “needs some work at significant cost” but agreed with Seaford residents that the historic building “could serve a greater purpose”.

He noted some concrete had fallen from the main building but he understood, from discussions with government authorities, that “the building is as solid as a rock”.

Council officers will check whether the building is showing signs of “concrete cancer”, investigate if asbestos was used in its construction and will look the “structural integrity” of the building and report back to council in November about possible uses for the substation.

First published in the Frankston Times – 18 September 2017

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3 thoughts on “Substation conversion plan

  1. For years was used to store hay bales and the like. 4 storeys with a trapdoor onto the roof which is scary without railings. Played there heaps as a kid. It should be a public space and better utilised. Access can be provided away from the railway line.

  2. This is excellent news!

    The building should not be demolished.

    To do “something” with this wasted resource/eyesore has been an item spoken about by maaaaany people since well before it was added to the Seaford Local Area Plan (LAP) – at the workshop on 28 Feb 2012.

    More information on the Seaford Community Committee Forum.

  3. Newport has made the substation there into a public space and agree something similar should be done in Seaford. It would be great for Seaford! Let’s hope the council & VicTrack get moving!!!

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