Bikes could be crushed


THREE monkey-bike riders had their bikes confiscated on-the-spot by Frankston police and now face charges after reports of illegal riding in the Seaford wetlands, Sunday 1 October.

Monkey bike riding in Frankston is illegal, with the mayor Cr Brian Cunial saying almost 300 impounded monkey bikes had been crushed since they were banned in 2007.

Neighbours called the council officers and police when they saw and heard “hoon monkey bike riders tearing through the Seaford Wetlands”.

“They are mostly ridden by children who are not in a position to fully understand the road rules and pose a genuine risk to themselves and the community,” Cr Cunial said.

“We encourage people to report monkey bike users and hoon driving to Crime Stoppers and directly to council so we can eliminate this danger from our streets and natural reserves.”

Monkey bike riders in public spaces such as footpaths, roads, parks and reserves will have their bikes impounded and face fines. The bikes can also be crushed.

First published in the Frankston Times – 9 October 2017

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