‘Hard line’ against synthetic cannabis


FRANKSTON detectives say they will take a hardline approach against the sellers of synthetic cannabis now the practice has been criminalised.

Legislation passed by state Parliament on 1 November prohibits the production, sale, supply or advertising of drugs that have psychoactive effects.

Heavy penalties apply. A first offence can result in a $19,000 fine or two years in jail.

Detective Acting Senior Sergeant Paul Busuttil, of Frankston CIU, said police would especially target those selling synthetic cannabis in shops, usually “adult shops”, in which the drug can make up 80 per cent of sales.

“We will visit all 10 retailers in Frankston and take a zero tolerance approach,” Detective Busuttil said.

“They are being put on notice that there will be random visits and that ignorance is no excuse.”

Retailers were able to change the mix of ingredients to remain clear of the ban under previous legislation which identified specific molecules in the product. Now a “blanket ban” makes this harder to bypass.

First published in the Frankston Times – 13 November 2017

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