Langwarrin’s under-age NPL squads for 2018



NPL-bound: Former Baxter striker Travis Ernsdoerfer has joined Langwarrin. Picture: John Punshon

LANGWARRIN has finalised its under-age squads for its inaugural season in the second tier of Victoria’s National Premier League competition.

The Lawton Park outfit attracted triallists from such distant climes as far north Queensland with three Cairns teenagers from Leichhardt Lions FC getting the nod to join Kevin “Squizzy” Taylor’s under-20 squad.

Taylor is a former Seaford United senior coach who was appointed coach of Bentleigh Greens’ under-20s in late 2014 and guided the youngsters to the 2015 NPL reserves championship.

“I’m very happy with the squad we have put together at Langy. They are a very talented group, all technically sound,” Taylor said.

“We have a good spread of ages, the youngest player being 15 while the oldest turns 20 next year.

“I think the Greens’ squad was a little more experienced at this level, but player for player we aren’t far behind.

“I think we’ll be very competitive and I expect several of them to be pushing to play senior football in 2018.”

The club best represented among the successful triallists throughout the age groups is Mornington with 22 players.

Morwell-based Gippsland FC is well represented with six successful triallists, five in Michael Vanderzvet’s under-16 squad.

The season kicks-off in February.

Here are the squads with previous club in brackets (note that the under-12s will field two teams):


GOALKEEPERS: Caleb Gray (Langwarrin), Angus Morrison (Mt Eliza).

DEFENDERS: Charlie Allen (Mornington), Lucas Hodgson (Mornington), Joshua Hubble (Langwarrin), Darcy Whild (East Bentleigh), Jack Duckett (East Bentleigh).

MIDFIELDERS: Thomas Gabriel (Langwarrin), Daniel Bennett (Mt Martha), Jimmy Hay (East Bentleigh), Lochlan Millar (Langwarrin), Nelson Niddrie (Langwarrin), Flynn O’Reilly (Mt Martha), Tom Oswell (Langwarrin), Nave Yoresh (Mornington), Harper Frankeni (Baxter), Sean Murphy (Casey Comets), Hugo Rosseto (Mornington).

FORWARDS: Dominic FoldiFried (Mt Eliza), Bryn Martin (East Bentleigh), Juan Marchan (Mornington), Zachary Petratos (Springvale White Eagles), Alasdair Muir-Simpson (East Bentleigh), Jett Walles (Peninsula Strikers).

COACHES: Mitchell Ball, Andy Duckett.


GOALKEEPER: Kohen Beaumont (Bentleigh Greens).

DEFENDERS: Jordy May (Rosebud Heart), Zac McEwing (Mornington), Nelson Powell (Mt Eliza), Jack Geddes (Springvale White Eagles), William Turner (Gippsland FC).

MIDFIELDERS: Cooper Brisbane (Dandenong Thunder), Cooper Leopold (Oakleigh Cannons), Cain Vickery (Mornington), Hunter Vanderzwet (Bentleigh Greens), Arman Hasikic (Peninsula Strikers), Sam Ruddy (Mt Martha).

FORWARDS: Lucas Chihotski (Bentleigh Greens), Kyle Parrott (Dandenong Thunder), Raman Aryal (Dandenong Thunder), Brodie Bennett (Peninsula Strikers).

COACH: Gary Brisbane.


GOALKEEPER: Jess McManus (Peninsula Strikers).

DEFENDERS: Tom Duckett (East Bentleigh), Vincent Giampa (Bentleigh Greens), Dave Petty (Springvale White Eagles), Charlie Jeffs (Springvale White Eagles).

MIDFIELDERS: Kyle Eichenberger (Springvale White Eagles), Manuel Sibly (Dandenong City), Sam Delaney (Springvale White Eagles), Tyler Sharpe (Bentleigh Greens), Jett Collins (Bentleigh Greens), Jack Bradbury (Springvale White Eagles).

FORWARDS: Billy Owen (Springvale White Eagles), Altan Cevik (Springvale White Eagles), Tobey deJong (Springvale White Eagles), Kyle Marambio (Dandenong Thunder).

COACH: Donn Delaney.


GOALKEEPER: Nathan Lynders (Mornington).

DEFENDERS: Jack Allen (Mornington), Matthew Hodgson (Mornington), Joshua Newland (Kingston City), Isaiah Liberman (Mornington), Ben Schmidt (Mornington).

MIDFIELDERS: Brodie Jones (Springvale White Eagles), Gavin O’Reilly (Mornington), Dylan Fisher (Dandenong City), Maximus Brancatisano (Mornington), Charlie Gunning (Mornington).

FORWARDS: Declan Jackson (Mornington), Owen Murphy (Springvale White Eagles), Tom Wood (Mornington), Brodie McMinimee (Springvale White Eagles), Sam Maggs (Springvale White Eagles).

COACH: Doug Hodgson.


GOALKEEPER: Branten Kindler (Peninsula Strikers).

DEFENDERS: Adam Ford (Frankston Pines), Oscar Plenkovitch (Gippsland FC), Nick Wright (Peninsula Strikers), Ben Nicholson (Mornington), Zoran Winkelman (Gippsland FC).

MIDFIELDERS: Howie Anderson (Mornington), Logan Wilson (Langwarrin), Luca Sibly (Dandenong City), Tristan Donohue (Gippsland FC), Kiaren Keith (Peninsula Strikers), Mitchell Baker (Mornington).

FORWARDS: Adi Page (Gippsland FC), Oscar Vanderzvet (Bentleigh Greens), Lachlan Jackson (Mornington), Adam Semple (Gippsland FC).

COACH: Michael Vanderzvet.


GOALKEEPER: Colby Jones (Langwarrin).

DEFENDERS: Aiden McKenna (Peninsula Strikers), Josh Millar (Springvale White Eagles), Rayyan Siddiqui (Springvale White Eagles), Tommy Soeun (Bentleigh Greens).

MIDFIELDERS: Calvin Delaney (Springvale White Eagles), Noah Green (Mt Eliza), Cameron Boulton (Casey Comets), Coby Templin (Glen Eira), Jonathan Hardy (Keysborough).

FORWARDS: Matthew Evans (Springvale White Eagles), Zachary Korolidis (Rosebud Heart), Angus Vanderzvet (Bentleigh Greens), Akieva Barlow (Dandenong Thunder).

COACH: Colin Noble.


GOALKEEPER: Ben Caballero (Dandenong Thunder).

DEFENDERS: Joshua Mulla (Leichhardt Lions FC), Cedric Benza (Springvale White Eagles), Akbar Assadi (Bentleigh Greens), Tim Millar (Springvale White Eagle), Max Boulton (Phillip Island).

MIDFIELDERS: Nicholas Simmons (Langwarrin), Cassius Delaney (Springvale White Eagles), Maziad Chazbek (Dandenong Thunder), Ayden Eszes (Leichhardt Lions FC), Alexander Whyte (Bentleigh Greens).

FORWARDS: Cole Ryan (Kingston City), Travis Ernsdoerfer (Baxter), Cody Eszes (Leichhardt Lions FC), Keegan Guy (Bentleigh Greens), Nat Daher (Mornington).

COACH: Kevin Taylor.

First published in the Frankston Times – 27 November 2017

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