Foreign citizenship results in disqualification


Compiled by Brodie Cowburn


You who have already done so much for Australia by giving your sons, brothers or husbands to fight for Liberty, have now a great opportunity to help those whose glorious valor has won for themselves, and for the Commonwealth, a name that will live for ever.

Do you wish reinforcements to be sent to your dear ones at the front?

They only need 7000 men from Australia every month, one man every working day of the week from each electorate in Victoria.

At present they are only getting 1000 men a month, and out of every hundred of those men there are 27 under twenty-one boys whose half-matured bodies cannot bear the strain of war; and in every hundred men there are 21 married men, many of them with big families of tiny children: and amongst the other men who go are returned men going forth again.

And all this time there are in Victoria 100,000 single men who are now leaving the defence of our country to married men, old men, and boys.

Do not fail your own flesh and blood.

Do not be false to Australia.

Do not be duped by the enemies in our midst.

Send the right men to help your own at the Front, by voting YES on December 20th.

Yours sincerely,


Prime Minister


MR J. H. Lister, MP, will address a public meeting at the Frankston Mechanics Hall Tuesday evening to promote the reply of ‘Yes’ at the forthcoming election.


THE Chief Electoral Officer has been inundated with queries from persons who are doubtful concerning their inclusion in the list of disqualified electors.

In order that all doubt may be removed, Mr Oldham stated yesterday that the following persons are disqualified from voting on 20th December :

(i) Every naturalised British subject who was born in an enemy country within the meaning of the War Precautions (Military Service Referendum) Regulations 1917.

(ii) Every person whose father was born in an enemy country within the meaning of the War Precautions (Military Service Referendum Regulations 1917.


MRS Dodd, of Chelsea, announces that she is erecting waiting rooms and lavatory opposite the station, for convenience of passengers, and also that she runs a cab to the Dandenong Market every Tuesday, and to the Frankston market fortnightly on Wednesdays.

Return fares 2s.


THE blind entertainers gave a concert at the Frankston hall on Monday evening in aid of the Home for Adult Blind.

A good programme was gone through, which was much enjoyed by those present.

The home will benefit to the extent of nearly £5 as a result.


THE Frankston Wattle Club will entertain a party of soldiers on Sunday afternoon next, and on Monday a party of three hundred interstate soldiers will be entertained at lunch.

This means a considerable amount of hard work, but let us not grow weary in well doing, and give our own boys a hearty welcome home.


A VERY fine Referendum meeting was held at Seaford on Saturday evening.

Mr Fox gave a most telling speech and the masterful manner in which he showed that it was the duty of all who had the welfare of Australia at heart, to give the government power to send help to our worn out boys at the front, deeply impressed the large audience.

When moving a vote of thanks to Mr Fox the speaker mentioined that as soon as the result of the last Referendum was pubished the Germans in the trenches opposite the Australians hoisted up a large placard bearing: “Scum of the earth, your mates have turned you down” and quite a sensation was caused by a man in the audience calling out “That’s true they did I saw them do it”.

By request he stood up and described the incident, adding, “I ignorantly voted no, but by heavens I’ll vote Yes this time.”


CR A. May gave a most impressive address at Frankston, on the 7th inst. in support of the conscription movement.

The hall was well filled, and for an hour and a half he had the full attention of his bearers.

He is a lucid and fluent speaker and evidently knows what he is talking about.

He was accorded a hearty vote of thanks the close of his speech.


LAST Wednesday afternoon, December 5th, Brigadier General Williams attended the Somerville State School for the purpose of unveiling the school Honor Board and naming the avenue where the trees are planted to memorise the boy’s at the war.

He was received by a Guard of Honor from the Langwarrin Military Camp, and the school children, who were lined up under the charge of their teachers, Mr White, Mr Farnington and Miss Cole.

There was a splendid attendance of the residents, relatives and friends of the soldiers.


A VERY successful Snowball Tea, given by Mrs Moloney, resulted in a profit of £7 1s being handed to the organiser, Mrs Maxwell, towards the funds of the Red Cross Society.

The Secretary wishes to acknowledge donations of bags for Langwarrin Cheer, and would be glad if any further donations be in not later than Tuesday 18th


THE Red Cross social at Tyabb held on Saturday last, passed off very successfully and there was a good attendance.

During the evening Mrs Woodhouse sang and Mr Ben King gave a recitation.

Accompaniments were played by Mrs Boe and Miss Woodhouse.

Dancing was freely indulged in, the music being supplied by Messrs Gibson and Chalwell.

Our four latest returned soldiers could not attend, all having gone back to Hospital, but they hope to be present at a later date.


J. H. LISTER M.P. will address a public meeting on Tuesday Dec. 18th at 8 o’clock in the Frankston Mechanics’ Hall to promote the reply of “YES” at the forthcoming referendum.


MRS L. E. Westly and Mr H. D. Westly as executors of Charles Wright, deceased, have forwarded to the various charities that are beneficiaries under the half-yearly or quarterly instalments now due, ranging from £5 to £60.

The list also includes £50 for the poor of Schnapper Point and Hastings.


ARRANGEMENTS have now been made whereby tickets in The “Kitchener” Flag Grand Art Union are obtainable at all news agents throughout the country.

If any difficulty is experienced in obtaining either the Art Union Tickets for the great £3,601 Raffle or the 1s Photographic Reproduction Cards, the Hon. Organisers would be pleased to supply direct.


From the pages of the Mornington Standard, 15 December 1917

As published in the Frankston Times – 11 December 2017

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