Policeman jumps for life


A POLICEMAN jumped behind a large tree to avoid being run over by a stolen Nissan four-wheel-drive as it sped along Talbot Court, Frankston, early Thursday 7 December.

Police will allege the female driver had been behind the wheel during aborted pursuits along Webb St, Seaford, and other streets before running a red light on the Frankston-Dandenong Rd the day before.

The black Navarra then allegedly turned onto Skye Rd, Mcmahons Rd and onto Beach St before overtaking another vehicle and speeding away from police.

A passing police patrol spotted the vehicle in Talbot Court and called in extra units as part of a planned intercept. Police deployed stop-sticks in front of the vehicle to puncture its tyres.

However, when police approached the driver “took off” swerving around the police cars and the stop-sticks into Wolsley Avenue and almost running the officer down before he jumped behind the tree. He was unhurt.

The police Canine Unit and Air Wing tracked down a woman believed to be the driver at the rear of a house in Lucerne Cr, Frankston.

A police dog was sent in and the woman, 19, was arrested. She had not been charged last Thursday and is said to be helping police with their inquiries.

First published in the Frankston Times – 11 December 2017

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