Don’t panic on China crisis


FRANKSTON residents should be alert but not alarmed at this stage about the developing recycling crisis at other municipalities across Victoria, according to Frankston Council.

Council says households should “recycle right” in response to China’s tighter controls on imported recycled materials and can help by rinsing bottles, cans, jars and plastics to “help reduce contamination of recyclables”.

Several councils elsewhere have been told by Visy that the company no longer accepts recycling due to China banning the import of waste from Australia.

Frankston Council’s recycling contractor is Solo Resource recovery but the Municipal Association of Victoria has warned ratepayers across the state may end up footing a higher rates bill for recycling as the China crisis unfolds.

“The recycling restrictions imposed by China will be felt statewide and it’s going to require all three levels of government, industry and the community working together on solutions,” council CEO Dennis Hovenden said.

He said council is working with recycling processors and the state government “to minimise the impact in Frankston”.

Recyclables should be kept loose in yellow-lidded bins and not put in plastic bags first. If recyclables are bagged, they are likely to end up in landfill.

Householders can help reduce waste by using reusable drink bottles and coffee cups, buying products made with recycled content such as copy paper and toilet paper and avoiding products with excess packaging.


First published in the Frankston Times – 12 March 2018

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