Wilson of Frankston killed in France


WE deeply regret to announce the death while on active service of Private C. R. Wilson, who was killed in France on April 3rd.

Before enlisting he was a constant visitor to Frankston and was a captain of the Kooyong Club.


THERE are twenty one candidates for the Nationalist nomination in the Flinders Election. The following is the list stated in alphabetical order.

John Abbott, R M. Anderson, Captain S. Bruce, M.C, Croix de Guerre; F. Buckley, F Russell Coldham, W. B. Grouse, Lieutenant Colonel J. J. Hanby, J. Henty, William Home, Reginald Kelly, Jeffrey Macpherson, E. F. Mitchell, K. C.; A C. Moreley, Charles Pearson. Lieutenant, Charles Pickett James Rouget, E. H. Symonds, M. Campbell Smith, W Ernest Williams, H. M. Williamson, Dave White.


NOMINATIONS for the Labor selection in regard to the Flinders seat in the House of Representatives closed on Monday.

There were two nominations, but, in view of the necessity of choosing a candidate as early as possible, the holding of a ballot was dispensed with and the central executive selected Mr Gordon Holmes, barrister and solicitor, for the position.


Mornington Shire Council

BEFORE proceeding with the agenda paper the president took the opportunity to express the congratulations of the council on the election of Cr M’Arthur as president of the Mornington Progress Association, and he hoped that the council and members of the progress association would work hand in glove together for the improvement of the district; he also desired to express their appreciation of the fine work done by Cr Flannagan during his term as president of the Progress Association.

Cr Flood most cordially endorsed the remarks of Cr Blacker, and was confident that both bodies working in hearty co-operation could dp much to advance the prosperity of the shire.

Cr M’Arthur acknowledged with thanks the compliment expressed by Cr Blacker and brother councilors and said he recognised it as his duty to work with the council and promote harmony and co-operation between them and the Progress Association.


THE newly formed Athletic Club at Frankston is opening very auspiciously. At the initial meeting Mr C. Gray was appointed President, Mr Tevendale hon. Sec and Mr W W Young Treasurer.

The objects of the Club are for cultivating physical culture and developing the muscles of the body in healthy exercises.

The secretary would be pleased if any person having gymnastic material that he is not using would forward it to him at Osborne House for the use of the members.


MR John McGowan the excellent baritone singer, late of the J. C. Williamson Opera Company, will renew his popularity with a Frankston audience sharp at 8pm this evening at the Repatriation Fund concert.


MR Pat Coleman, Frankston’s ever popular basso, will reappear in the Mechanics Hill this evening at the Repatriation Fund concert in Frankston.


AT the Frankston Methodist Church Mr A. Corlett will preach on Sunday morning next.

In the evening the service will be conducted by young men of Methodist Club, South Richmond, who will also occupy the choir, render an anthem, and a couple of solos. Mr G. Ernest Tonkin, of Kyneton will preside at the organ.


A BULLETIN on Potato Culture written by Mr J. T. Ramsey, potato Expert of the Victorian Department of Agriculture has just been issued.

In addition to information regarding planting and harvesting and the results of experimental tests carried out by the Department mention is made of the more common potato diseases (illustrations of which are given) and methods of prevention and treatment are suggested.

Free copies of the bulletin may be obtained from the Director of Agriculture.


A FOOTBALL match will be played on Monday next at Somerville, between the Frankston and Somerville Juniors. Frankston will be led by A. Tevendale, (captain)


WE remind our readers of the sports to be held in the Frankston Park this (Saturday) afternoon, commencing at 2pm. sharp. A grand novel programme, including horse jumping and hunting events, a race for draught horses, and children’s races etc., has been arranged. Promises of entries have been received from all over the Peninsula and Dandenong, Berwick and other adjacent district, so that good fields may be expected. The amount raised will go to swell the Repatriation fund.


Cranbourne Frankston Road

AT a meeting of the Cranbourne Shire Council on Saturday, April 6th, Messrs Shaw, White and Korner attended as a deputation and presented a petition signed by a large number of persons, asking that the above road be put in repair.

Mr Shaw said the petition included the signatures of the President and some of the councillors of the Frankston Shire. They had been working hard to have this road put in repair and if Cranbourne Council would attend to the portion within its boundary it would be of great advantage to the residents of this district. It had been in bad order for quite a long time.

The President of the Frankston Council thought it might be brought into the list under the Country Roads Board’s subsidiary roads scheme.


From the pages of the Mornington Standard, 20 April 1918

As published in the Frankston Times – 16 April 2018

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