Red moon a sight to behold


Hill with a view: Danny Makepiece, above left, and daughter Mia were among the crowd that gathered at Olivers Hill to watch the blood moon lunar eclipse and see the planet Mars visible in the night sky. Pictures: Gary Sissons

MARS sparkled down on Earth last Friday afternoon and evening (27 July) and a crowd of eager sightseers gathered at Olivers Hill to see the red planet in the sky during a lunar eclipse.

Frankston resident Danny Makepiece and daughter Mia were among the sky watchers at Olivers Hill who watched a “blood moon” lunar eclipse on the night.

“We got a cracking view, it was amazing,” Mr Makepiece said.

“It was a nice atmosphere. We got a good spot and let a few people look through the telescope.”

The celestial show began at about 4.25pm and lasted into the early hours of the next morning.

Even those without a telescope could see Mars shining in the night sky.

Mr Makepiece encouraged people to keep watching the skies since planets in the solar system are currently in “irregular orbit” and the likes of Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn are sometimes visible this month.

First published in the Frankston Times – 6 August 2018

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