VCAT decision put up in lights


It’s a sign: A bright electronic advertising board has been erected at Quest Frankston against the wishes of council. Picture: Gary Sissons

A BRIGHT electronic billboard has appeared on the side of the Quest building in Frankston, displaying advertisements for Frankston Liberal candidate Michael Lamb.

The sign was originally rejected by Frankston council in 2016, but a permit was granted after a VCAT hearing.

VicRoads had previously flagged opposition to the sign, stating “the proposed electronic sign compromises the operational efficiency of the road and poses an unacceptable road safety risk because the sign will create a confusing or dominating background which will reduce the clarity and effectiveness of traffic control devices, the sign could dazzle or distract drivers due to its size, design, colouring or it being illuminated” and “the sign is at a location where particular concentration is required”.

VCAT overturned the decision of council in July 2016. VCAT Senior Member Laurie Hewet said “I have concluded that the sign is acceptable with respect to this issue. I am also satisfied that the proposal is more broadly acceptable having regard to the relevant planning scheme provisions as they relate to major promotion signs of this type.”

The sign has now been erected on the side of the Quest building.

Frankston mayor Colin Hampton has expressed his frustration at the frequency of council decisions being overturned VCAT.

Mr Lamb’s advertisements cycle through other commercial advertisements at 30 seconds at a time.

First published in the Frankston Times – 29 October 2018

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