Council fights to stop blight of termite bites at local sites


KINGSTON Councillors have voted to declare the municipality as a “termite prone” area.

The decision, which was voted on at the 22 October council meeting, will see extra measures put in place to “increase community awareness about the risks of termites at properties and to increase measures to prevent them.”

“CSIRO reports have revealed that termites are prevalent across Victoria. Being declared a termite prone area will ensure that developers put in measures to protect new properties against infestations,” Kingston mayor Cr Steve Staikos said.

“Homeowners with existing properties who have any concerns, are encouraged to invite an expert to their property to assess their risk.”

Frankston Council is also considered one of 15 municipalities classified as “termite prone”.

Bubbling paint, mud in plasterwork, or disintegrating wood are among the signs of a termite problem.

First published in the Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone News – 31 October 2018

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