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Picture: Gary Sissons

Paul Edbrooke – Labor

WHAT was your job prior to entering politics?

“I was a professional firefighter based at Frankston, and prior to that a teacher and I taught in many Frankston schools.  As a firefighter, there is no passing the buck, you have to get the job done, and I take that same attitude into my role as Frankston’s representative.”
Why did you decide to get into politics?

“I have dedicated my working life to helping my community and the only better way to serve the community as a firefighter is as its state representative and delivering for Frankston. I think there is no better preparation for a state or federal representative than to work at the coalface of some of our communities most difficult challenges like the Black Saturday bushfires, car accidents and fires.”

What is the number one issue facing your electorate?

“Overall, previously not getting our fair share, which we have changed. Access to services or lack of services.  For example housing, mental health services, specialised services for our community most vulnerable.”

What will you do to fix/improve it?

“Increasing the level of opportunity for people in Frankston to get the skills they need to get the jobs they want, access to facilities and services for all members of the community so they can get a fair go.”

What are your top priorities for funding in Frankston?

“We have committed to build the largest redevelopment of a suburban hospital in Victoria’s history with new services, more wards, more beds, two floors of dedicated mental health services meaning more resources at Frankston, less travelling to other hospitals in the city. For too long Frankston has been neglected that’s why we are committed to providing access to world class health services, free TAFE, upgrading and providing new sporting facilities, delivering additional funding for every school in Frankston including major infrastructure projects at 10 local schools. Ensuring everyone from the youngest to the oldest community members all receive a fair go in Frankston.”

What are your biggest achievements of your last term?

“Certainly rebuilding the face of Frankston and the gateway to the peninsula was a historic moment in our history.  The redeveloped Young St looks amazing and the new iconic Frankston station is a grand, memorable entrance to our community. Combine that with a 14% decrease in crime in the year up to March this year and we are making history in Frankston by building a positive future for generations of our community to come.”

What will you get done in your first 100 days of office?

“You’ll see more of the same, non stop work ethic to keep building Frankston, providing for my community, delivering early works for the hospital redevelopment, moving forward on the Jubilee Park sports project and the many other projects including criminalising wage theft and industrial manslaughter because having a job should mean you get paid and come home safe.”

What would be your simple message to voters before election day?

“I have ensured that a Labor government has done everything we said we would do for our community and more over the past four years and over the next four, if given the opportunity, I will do the same- cranes in the sky, shovels in the ground, boots in the mud and boom gates in the bin.  We are talking about local jobs using locally trained skills and using local materials.

“My message to voters is fairly simple, you have told me you wanted more resources for hospitals, schools, public transport and more jobs in our community. You’ve seen what I’ve done in the past four years in Frankston, wait until you see the next four.”

Picture: Gary Sissons

Michael Lamb – Liberal

WHAT was your job prior to entering politics?

“I’m a current serving police officer of 32 years. I’m on leave at the moment to campaign but was most recently Detective Senior Sergeant in charge of all the drug investigations in Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula. Prior to that I was the Station Commander at Frankston Police Station.”

Why did you decide to get into politics?

“I’ve always had an interest in politics. I’ve got to a stage now after 32 years as police officer that there are things I want to achieve and be involved in that I can’t as a police officer. I want to effect change at a Government level that will benefit the Frankston community. I’d be very honoured to be able to represent the people of Frankston in Parliament and that’s exactly what I will do if I am elected. I will listen, I will advocate and I will make sure that Government delivers for Frankston.

“I’ve always been someone who gets involved at a community level – I am currently President of the Frankston YCW Football-Netball Club and I also currently serve on the board of the police union; The Police Association of Victoria (TPAV). “

What is the number one issue facing your electorate?

“The number one issue voters in Frankston go out of their way to tell me about is crime and safety. They feel that Daniel Andrews and Labor have lost control of law and order in Victoria, serious and violent crime is on the rise, they don’t feel safe in their own home and that they are sick of hearing about people committing serious crimes while on bail.”

What will you do to fix/improve it?

“We have developed many policies to protect Victoria from violent crime and to make Victoria safer. We will introduce mandatory jail sentences for repeat violent offenders, jail will mean jail. We will reform our bail and parole system. We will introduce a suite of measures to support and listen to victims of crime and put their rights ahead of those of criminals. We will introduce mandatory detox for young offenders to get them off drugs such as crystal meth (ICE) which is driving a lot of the crime.

“We also have a number of proactive measures such as re-introducing the Police in Schools program. This policy will deliver new, specially-trained police officers that visit schools as part of the curriculum, talking about doing the right thing, road safety, drug education and as a friendly point of contact in the community for parents to nip problems in the bud.”

What would be your one simple message to voters before election day?

“After 32 years of policing on the front line, I feel the time is right for me to serve the people of Frankston in a different way. As a Member of Parliament I will listen to your concerns, be your voice on issues affecting us all and I will fight for the positive outcomes that Frankston deserves.”

Are there any other policies or promises you would like voters be aware of?

  • New daytime PSO shift at Frankston Train Station
  • Police presence at Frankston Bayside Shopping Centre
  • Protecting Frankston beach and Port Philip Bay from Labor’s plan to dredge
  • Establishment of a Committee for Good Character in Frankston to promote and recognise positive news stories and good character particularly amongst young people in Frankston
  • Return of the Police in Schools Program
  • Solar panels and batteries to power every Victorian public school
  • Mandatory detox for young offenders
  • Fixing congestion with level crossing removals and road intersection grade separation in Frankston
  • No ICE and heroin injecting room in Frankston

Colin Lane – Greens

WHAT was/is your job prior to entering politics?

“I am currently working as a Celebrant, after spending the past 15 years as a Salvation Army Officer.”

Why did you decide to get into politics?

“I believe in the values of the Greens, in particular the commitment to protecting the environment, social justice, and to addressing climate change. I want to make a difference and want to represent this community that I grew up in and that I love in the parliament.”

What is the number one issue facing your electorate?

“The need for better public transport and improved mental health services.”

What will you do to fix/improve it?

“The Greens have a comprehensive plan to improve rail services and buses in Frankston. We will extend Melbourne Metro to ensure it benefits all Victorians including those living in the South East. We also have a plan to invest in faster and more reliable bus routes.

We have also pledged to provide $200 million over four years to restore funding to Community Mental Health Services to provide care to people who are not NDIS eligible.”

What are your top priorities for funding in Frankston?

“With homelessness an ever-increasing problem, funding needs to be provided to build more public housing right now. Together with plans to put a cap on rent rises and set minimum standards for rental properties, The Greens aim to ensure that everyone has a safe and comfortable home to live in.”

What will you get done in your first 100 days of office?

My focus will be on delivering reliable and frequent public transport to communities in Frankston, ensuring Victoria is on the path to 100% renewable energy and that housing affordability across the region is addressed.

Henry Kelsall – Independent

“I HAVE run in five State Elections and two Federal Elections and during this time I have been a secondary school teacher. Prior to that I spent 5 years travelling around the world and prior to that I worked at Bluescope Steel.

I entered politics because politicians’ decisions can change the way we do things and from what I have seen, or read about, environmental catastrophe is on the way and we must reverse this or future generations will pay a massive as yet unknown price.

I don’t believe there is one number one issue facing the electorate but all people are aware that climate change is with us and that we are doing massive damage to the environment that keeps us alive. If there is one common thread it is annoyance/frustration with politicians and political parties in general.

In the first 100 days I would try to have a ‘round table’ with other politicians as to what we can do and achieve to make a sustainable world. Then I would act on these.

I would like voters to know that I will write to all leading world powers, leading world navies and leading world maritime nations to see if they can work together and organise a massive clean up of the ‘circles of plastic’ in a number of our oceans. I will have these letters translated as well.

My simple message would be Vote for a Sustainable Future vote for me Henry Kelsall as your best chance of achieving this and at the same time you can send a clear message to the major parties that sustainability is important to you!”

Michael Long – Democratic Labour Party

“UNTIL 2017 I had resisted the urge to even join a political party, much less stand for one at an election. However, upon closely observing the behaviour of Daniel Andrews and his government from 2014-2017, so much of it was not in the best interests of the people of Victoria, I resolved to run in the seat of Frankston at the 2018 Victorian State Election of 2018, in order to help disrupt what I had seen being done by Labor.

It would be easy to say the safety and security of the people of Frankston [is the number one issue], but that is only part of the issue. The broader issue is one of trust. Do the people trust Daniel Andrews to make decisions which are always and obviously in the best interests of Victoria and its people? The answer is clearly no. Our trust has been breached over and over again in so many serious ways it cannot be allowed to continue.

FirstIy, I intend to assist the election of a trustworthy member of the Legislative Assembly who will at all times, openly and obviously, represent the best interests of the people of Frankston in the Victorian parliament. Secondly I will assist the election of a government which will do the same.

Vote for someone you believe you can trust to always act in the best interests of the people of Frankston in particular and the people of Victoria in general.

A point of difference between the DLP and the parties of all the other candidates is that we are unequivocally pro-life. We believe that human life should be protected from conception to natural death.”

Jyothi Rudra – Transport Matters Party*

WHY did you decide to get into politics?

“I have a passion for working with communities to help them in addressing local issues with local solutions. Being actively involved with my community local issues for  a decade I feel it is time for me to use my experience in the legislative assembly in developing more effective  laws addressing the grass root issues.”

What is the number one issue facing your electorate?

“Crime, law, and order”

What will you do to fix/improve it?

“Review existing laws, engage local people in devising strategies to attend to local problems, work with the youth from all backgrounds to find local opportunities of leisure, employment and volunteers roles supported by local council.”

What are your top priorities for funding in Frankston?

“Complete all pending and ongoing infrastructure projects within the district as a priority.”

What will you get done in your first 100 days of office?

“Meet with my electorate and develop an strategic plan to identify critical issues with priorities and develop an agreed action plan.”

What would be your simple message to voters before election day?

“It is time for change a new and innovative approach is necessary for Frankston. I can provide Frankston with the commitment and passion that the people of Frankston deserve.”

Are there any other policies or promises you would like voters be aware of?

“Working for the families especially youth and women will be my priorities if elected.”

Lachlan O’Connell (Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party), and James Persson (Animal Justice Party) did not respond to questions from The Times by publication deadline.

*The Transport Matters Party is a new party established in 2018 by two hire car operators in the wake of a class action lawsuit against ride share company Uber.

First published in the Frankston Times – 19 November 2018

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