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Mordialloc candidates

Tim Richardson – Labor

“LABOR is the only team with the proven track record, and the plan to keep Mordialloc and Victoria moving forward on our roads, rail, health, education, and cost of living. We’ve already started removing the Level Crossings at Cheltenham, Mentone, Edithvale, and Bonbeach, and if I’m re-elected, Labor will also remove every level crossing in Chelsea.

“We’ll also build the Mordialloc Freeway, slashing local traffic and getting people home safer and sooner. It’ll connect the Mornington Peninsula Freeway to the Dingley Bypass and include on and off ramps for Thames Promenade Chelsea Heights, have no traffic lights, and be 100kmh all the way.

“A re-elected Labor Government will also deliver an additional $9.6million in funding at Parkdale Secondary College to fully rebuild the old and overused M and N Wings, as well as create a permanent structure to replace the current E wing. After delivering the new performing arts centre and basketball courts in 2016, Labor will also deliver $8.5 million in funding for Mordialloc College to build new year 8 and 12 Learning Centres, ensuring all our local kids have the facilities they deserve.

“Vote Labor to keep getting things done for our local community.”

Geoff Gledhill – Liberal

“IT has been both rewarding and a privilege to serve the community in which I live, as a Councillor  and now I am seeking to serve in the same way if elected as the MP for Mordialloc.

In the last 4 years, locals have watched the Andrews Labor Government lose control of crime, and residents are telling me they are in genuine fear for their safety.

My main priorities are to get back in control of crime. Only the Liberals will get back in control of violent crime by introducing mandatory sentencing for repeat violent offenders, and we’ll put more police and PSOs both on the beat and at Mordialloc Train Station. Locally, I’m committed to saving Beach Road, and supporting our local schools and sporting clubs.

We’ll provide over $28 million for upgrades to facilities at Parkdale Secondary College, Mordialloc Secondary College, Mentone Girls’ Secondary College, St Joseph’s School, Aspendale Gardens Primary School.

The Liberals will invest in grassroots sport for our growing population and participation, investing $10 million for the staged development of a multi-hectare regional sporting precinct within the Kingston Green Wedge, and $3 million for upgrades to facilities at the Regents Park Reserve.

Hamish Taylor – Greens

“I CURRENTLY work part time for non-profit Kids Like Us in Cheltenham, working with children with learning challenges and educating them in mathematics and the sciences.

“My primary motivation for getting into politics was the climate crisis, the scientific community is screaming that action needs to happen now but politicians just aren’t listening. I thought I could make a positive difference by getting involved.

“There’s many issues facing the Mordialloc district, and the state of Victoria, but the most pressing this election in my opinion is transport. As Melbourne’s population booms, we need long term thinking and planning in order to have a city that everyone can get around. We’ve seen the congestion on our streets grow and grow while promised solutions do nothing to ease the stress.

“The Greens have a plan for a massive upgrade of our public transport system to take cars off the road and give those of us who can’t drive quick and efficient transport options around our city.

“We’ll continue and expand the level crossing removal program, upgrade our major bus services to high-frequency smartbuses, upgrade the Frankston line with high-capacity signalling to improve service reliability and frequency, and order more high-capacity trains to get people to work without struggling through the morning crunch.”

Stephen Watson – Independent

“I DON’T particularly want to get into politics, but there comes a time where you have to stop complaining and start acting. So I decided to do something.”

“Councils are failing to listen to their constituents and over-reaching. I will work to abolish Local Councils, as they waste millions of dollars on matters that are more appropriately dealt with at State or Federal Government.

“I will implement greater oversight of Local Councils to end the over-reach, stop wasteful spending, improve spending synergies, and enforce meaningful and transparent community input.”

Phil Reid – Independent

“MY last paid employment was 10 years with IBM as IT Project Manager. I ran for the Council election and could see how disappointed people were in politicians as nothing seems to change. So when I saw how disinterested the local politicians were about with fixing gridlock around Mordialloc Station decided to run.

“I will get a low emission power station up and running, build dams in Gippsland were the floods occur, scrap the useless desalination plant and bring back non-fracking gas exploration and finally modernise local councils so that we finally get the economy of scale that we were promised when Councils were amalgamated 20 years ago.

“Don’t vote for the good guys, vote for the angry guy Phil Reid. He has the solutions.”

Peter Sullivan (Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party), Bronwyn Currie (Animal Justice Party), Amit Verma (Transport Matter Party), Peter Phillips (Labour DLP) and Robyn Nolan (Independent) did not respond to questions from The News by publication deadline.

Carrum candidates

Sonya Kilkenny – Labor

“I GOT into politics to protect the things we’ve fought so hard for like Medicare, good schools, equality and providing opportunities for everyone.

“There’s a number of major issues [facing the electorate], job security, transport, education and access to great health services.

“We have already started fixing things. We are fixing our local roads and removing level crossings. We have made huge investments in our health services and we’ve got more to do like the massive upgrade to Frankston Hospital and free dental care for kids.

“We’ve already upgraded hundreds and hundreds of schools and we’ve got more to do, like Skye Primary and Patterson River Secondary.

“We have achieved the new Karrum Karrum bridge, Thompsons Road duplication, level crossing removals at Seaford Rd and Skye/Overton roads, and 14 school upgrades.

“We will start the Royal commission into mental health. We’ll start planning work for the Hall Rd duplication. We’ll push on with our level crossing removals at Carrum.  Free TAFE will start on 1 January.

“Let’s keep the momentum going.  Vote for a government that gets things done, creates jobs and delivers for all Victorians. Vote Labor.”

Donna Bauer – Liberal

“I’M loving being on the campaign trail. I have spoken to thousands of locals over the past 18 months as I have been out door knocking across the electorate. People have spoken to me about their concerns and shared their stories.

“People that I speak to tell me that they don’t feel safe in their homes and are concerned about the out of control crime rate. We’ll get back in control of crime by busting gangs, introducing mandatory sentencing, and with more police to keep up with our growing population.

“People are frustrated at the out of control population growth and the traffic on our roads, so we will remove dangerous intersections at Frankston-Dandenong Road & Thompsons Road, Western Port Highway & Thompsons Road, and Western Port Highway & Hall Road, and we’ll keep Eel Race Road open.

“We have a clear plan to help families, households and businesses get back in control of their finances, by cutting water bills by $100, providing free text books to state schools students, and providing discounted car rego for Red P-Platers.

“If I have the privilege of being elected as Member for Carrum, I will work with locals to help them get back in control of their futures, and I look forward to being a strong, local voice for the people of Carrum.”

Braeden Thompson – Greens

“I AM running as the Greens candidate for Carrum because I want to see positive and progressive policies put into action. The seriousness of inaction on issues such as global warming is awfully frightening. The Greens have a plan to reach 100% renewable energy by 2030 because all Victorians should have access to cheap, clean energy that doesn’t pollute our air or damage our climate. The Greens are aiming for solar panels and batteries on public schools and housing. $1000 grants to help renters buy solar panels on public buildings and invest $300 million dollars into big batteries and pumped hydro energy storage so we have reliable clean energy for Victorians all year round.

“We would like to see the problem of plastic pollution addressed through a range of measures such as increased incentives for recycling, legally require companies to boost recycled content in their packaging, invest in local plastic recycling infrastructure and jobs and introduce a container deposit scheme (CDS) to be managed by the Environment Protection Authority.

“The Greens plan to transform public transport by transforming our train system from an overcrowded, unreliable train network to a high capacity metro system by implementing high capacity signalling across the entire network, building more high capacity metro trains and planning for further level crossing removals along key lines.

“The Greens have a plan for a levy on the big banks. This will generate $1.5 billion over the next four years.

“These are just some of the fantastic policies and initiatives that the Greens will be campaigning about this upcoming election. A future for all of us.”

Michael Tellesson – Independent

“I WAS working as a Senior Electoral Officer.  I am also, a co-founder of the Eel Race Road Community Group

“I observed a lack of State Government consultation with the communities, in which I currently live in, I decided that this is not good enough and must be changed to a more professional and overall strategic approach.

“I would spend time getting to know all the different precincts of the Carrum Electorate.  Also, I need to investigate the details of the projects the current government have underway or planned.

“I will do everything possible to maintain, vehicle access to the Eel Race Road rail crossing, and ensure that the Carrum elevated rail solution is revisited with the aim of improving the outcome of a once in a lifetime generational change to this coastal area, giving due consideration to the overwhelming support for a Rail Under Road solution for Carrum.

“I will ensure continued prioritisation of Health, education and law and order, with improved police visibility, as well as adequate regular school maintenance programs and better connected public transport.”

Simone Philpott-Smart (Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party), Santosh Kumar Yadav (Transport Matter Party), and Jennifer Bowden (Labour DLP) did not respond to questions from The News by publication deadline.

First published in the Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone News – 21 November 2018

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