No ratepayer money for ‘unnecessary’ works


A CONTRACTOR has been appointed to get started on “bay trail” works between Mentone Life Saving Club and Rennison Street, Parkdale.

Kingston Council approved a $3.4 million budget for the next phase of the project, which is designed to “provide a safe off-road cycling and walking path next to the foreshore.”

“After 25 years of talk, Kingston is 100 per cent committed to finally build the Bay Trail path filling in a significant missing section between Port Melbourne and Seaford. This will give young and inexperienced cyclists an alternative to riding along busy Beach Road,” Kingston mayor Cr Georgina Oxley.

“Our plan meets all VicRoads and Australian safety standards, is supported by Bicycle Network Victoria as safe for cyclists and provides plenty of parking while protecting the most environmentally significant areas of vegetation.”

Council also said they will not use ratepayer money to fund “unnecessary resurfacing works requested by VicRoads” along the bay trail.

Kingston Council has resolved to “look at alternative road treatments, such as the one used on Beach Road in the neighbouring municipality of Bayside.”

“Kingston was asked to foot the bill to re-sheet the surface of Beach Road, however we don’t believe this is fair or the most appropriate use of rate payers’ money, when there is a cost-effective and safe alternative treatment which has been proven to work,” said Cr Oxley.

First published in the Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone News – 19 December 2018

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