Not so perfect cocktail


A 44-YEAR-old Frankston man has been charged after allegedly committing a random attack armed with molotov cocktails in Seaford, 17 January.

The man allegedly broke into a garage on Rosland Street at around 10am, and used items found inside to construct three molotov cocktails, which are as flammable projectiles.

The man then allegedly tossed the cocktails over the fence onto another property.

Some damage was caused to the car and driveway at the property which the cocktails were allegedly thrown onto.

Police said they caught the man after he jumped the fence to the rear of the property, and was spotted watching the fire through a hole in the fence.

Police said the fire was extinguished  by the occupant of the  house, a young mother.

Police said residents were able to provide high quality CCTV footage to assist with their investigation, which proved helpful.

The man was charged and will appear at the Frankston Magistrates Court on 20 February.

First published in the Frankston Times – 29 January 2019

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