Mordialloc freeway objectors make voices heard


RESIDENTS opposing the Mordialloc Freeway have made their voices heard in anticipation of a public hearing on the matter on 25 February.

Residents against Mordialloc Freeway Group (RAMF) president Scott Fothergill said he had been “buoyed by the recent support” of residents opposing the project.

A joint Inquiry and Advisory committee was appointed last year to consider the Environmental Effects Statement of the proposed Mordialloc Bypass. A directions hearing was held by this panel on 31 January at the Dingley Hotel.

RAMF member John Stavrinidis, operator of JV Marine in Braeside, said “the freeway is going to affect my business to the tune of about 50 per cent. 

“They are moving the traffic away from my business on Springvale Road, which affects my ability to make a living, and it’s going to have negative consequences to my peace and tranquillity in Waterways as a resident,” he said.

The Residents against Mordialloc Freeway Group will make an oral presentation in response to the EES report during the public hearing period beginning 25 February at the Dingley Hotel.

The public hearing period is expected to last up to three weeks.

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First published in the Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone News – 13 February 2019

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One thought on “Mordialloc freeway objectors make voices heard

  1. It’s money spent in our neighbourhood, If we are indeed able to stop this freeway. The government will be happly to spend the money else where. WE will be stuck in the traffic.

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