Crime ‘spike’ in Seaford


RESIDENTS in Seaford are being reminded to stay vigilant and keep an eye out for suspicious activity after a crime “spike” in the area.

Frankston police detective sergeant Rudy Marsilli said that residents should be aware of a rise in criminal behaviour.

“We need people to be aware. If you see people loitering around or looking into houses, be sure to ring us to come and check it out,” he said.

“Keep an eye out for people loitering on foot or people riding their bikes without helmets.

“There’s been a crime spike in Seaford, but often we’re catching them after the fact. We need people to report suspicious behaviour before it happens.”

Det Sgt Marilli told The Times that there had been an attempted robbery from a Seaford Caltex on 10 April at around 5am. Two offenders forced their way through glass sliding doors and attempted to break into the cigarette cabinet. They were stopped by a smoke vapour deterrent which was deployed from the cabinet, and fled empty handed.

Police believe the same offenders then targeted Seaford IGA on the Nepean Highway on 18 April, this time successfully stealing cigarettes. It is believed the two balaclava wearing offenders committed the crime between 2am and 3am. Those offenders are still at large.

Det Sgt Marsilli also said that around 11am on 18 April, a motorbike was stolen from Seaford. The Frankston Crime Investigation Unit are currently investigating. He also said on 6 March a home was broken into in Seaford, with jewellery stolen. 

On 24 April a 42-year-old Seaford man was arrested and charged with seven counts of theft from motor vehicle and four counts of attempted theft from motor vehicle after witnesses observed him behaving suspiciously and called the police. The thefts are alleged to have occurred outside Seaford train station.

On 21 April it was alleged a woman was sexually assaulted at Seaford beach.

First published in the Frankston Times – 6 May 2019

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