Blood on tracks


THREE men who allegedly bashed an older man walking near Bittern railway tracks are being sought by Hastings police.

Senior Constable Lauren Coster said the men were skylarking on the tracks in a white Nissan Patrol when it became stuck near Moreton Crescent, midday, Thursday 30 May. As they tried to winch the vehicle free the older man approached and commented and an argument started. One of the younger men allegedly punched him to the head, knocking him down and causing pain, lacerations and swelling to his face.

The alleged attacker is described as having fair skin, 183cm tall, stocky build and blond beard. He was wearing a half-length Driza-Bone jacket.

Anyone with information is urged to call Senior Constable Coster 5970 7800.

First published in the Frankston Times – 17 June 2019

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