Buskers subject to new conditions

In tune: Frankston busker Bailey Howick displaying his permit to perform. Buskers will soon have to meet revised conditions to be granted a permit to play in the municipality. Picture: Gary Sissons

BUSKERS in Frankston will be subject to new restrictions after council revised their busking code of conduct.

The revised code of conduct features numerous changes. Under the new code of conduct applicants must be vetted through a “quality lens” in order to be granted a free permit to perform. Performers will also now be required to submit links to video or audio of them performing in order to be granted a permit.

A report from a Frankston Council officer reads that vetting will be introduced “keeping in mind that we are not auditioning for professional performers.” Applicants for permits will be assessed by a panel of council staff. The conditions offered to performers notes that “an application may be refused on the grounds of content or quality of performance”.

Performance times have now been restricted with the length of time performers are allowed to play for being reduced. Selected sites will allow for low volume amplification for performers.

Other changes have been made to the assessment criteria to “ensure street performers are considered suitable and acceptable to safety, amenity and their public appeal”.

The assessment criteria for Frankston street performers outlines that the performers must be “skilled in their art form and [have] the ability or entertain and engage an audience.” The conditions offered to performers also state that a permit will only be granted if “the performance positively enhances and activates a streetscape creating a comfortable vibrant ambience, the performer sets a high standard for presentation and delivery of their craft,” and “the performer sets a high standard for presentation and delivery of their craft”.

Frankston councillors voted unanimously to make the changes at a 3 June public meeting.

First published in the Frankston Times – 17 June 2019

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