Settled out of court – Olsen V. Ritchie


WHEN this case was called on at the Frankston Court on Monday counsel immediately intimated that a settlement had been effected.

Mr. Knight, P.M., and Messrs C. G. V. Williams, Jas. Grice, C. Grant and W. J. Oated, J’s.P., occupied the Bench.

Mr McFarlane appeared for the plaintiff, and Mr Utber and Mr Maxwell represented defendant.

Mr McFarlane addressing the Bench said the parties had talked over the position and a settlement had been arranged to withdraw complaint subject to the approval of the Court.

It was alleged that defendant had made a number of accusations against Olsen and his son, imputing disloyalty in the case of Olsen senr., and reflecting on Olson jnr. because of his failure to enlist. 

Defendant was now prepared to express regret for what has taken place, and to admit that any such accusations were without foundation. 

Counsel stated that Olsen senr. had brothers who fought in the South African war and it could be proved that he had not a drop of German blood in his veins. 

As to Olsen junr. he was medically unfit for active service, and always had been, and, as a fact, had been rejected by the Senior Cadets owing to his physical condition, as defendant would admit, and was prepared to unreservedly withdraw anything he had said to the contrary. 

Defendant for the physical injury he had caused Olsen senr., by striking him, had agreed to pay £30 and £10 10s costs.

Mr Maxwell, for defendant, endorsed the terms of settlement as outlined by Mr McFarlane. 

The defendant regretted exceedingly the whole occurrence, and was now only desirous of doing the fair thing,

Defendant would pay the assessed damages, as stated. 

In conclusion counsel expressed the hope that now peace was signed, all would make a new departure, and that people who had had differences arising out of the war, would make a fresh start.

The Bench consented to the withdrawal.

Another charge against the defendant, arising out of the same concurrence, involved the breaking of windows on the premises of the Peninsula Motor Garage Co.

Mr W. S. Cook appeared for the Police, in this instance and consented to a withdrawal on defendant paying the cost of the damage £6 1s and on two other charges fines were recorded, against the defendant.


PEACE! United Thanksgiving Service on Sunday (to-morrow.)

Peace Celebrations Committee meet to-night, (Saturday) at 8. See ad.


AN event that will probably prove an attraction to lovers of the spectacular is announced to take place in the Frankston Mechanics Hall, on Saturday (to night) under the auspices of the Returned Soldiers Association. 

The event is advertised as “Crowning of the ugly man,” and the man of the hour will be Mr Mark Brody, the winner of the recent competition held in connection with the Anzac Appeal. 

The “King” it is stated, will be magnificently robed for the occasion, and he will be presented with a certificate which is being specially designed. 

A dance is to be held during the evening.


Frankston School Committee

The monthly meeting of the school committee was held at Frankston on Tuesday evening, when, there were present: Cr W. J.. Oates (chairman), Mark Brody (Correspondent), and Messrs Nicholson, H. Mc Comb, C. Johns L. Ward, and W. C. Young.

The head teacher (Mr Jennings) reported that two officers from the Public Works Department had visited the school on the previous day, and it was likely that certain alterations to verandas and window screens would be effected. 

It was also likely that the department would undertake the erection of the bell. 

A vote of thanks was passed to Mr Gardiner for his offer to construct a ladder in connection with the boys gymnasium.

Other suggested additions to the playground were discussed, and with the question of providing an Honor Roll, were held over pending further particulars. 

The head teacher stated that the Frankston School was well ahead of other schools in its class in the matter of collection for the Repatriation Fund. 

The committee decided to pay a visit to the school on Thursday next at 4 o’clock.


DURING the week Cr W. J. Thwaites, J.P., Mayor of Queenscliffe, has been visiting this portion of the Flinders Electorate, in the interests of the National Federation.

As one of the organisers, he is specially concerned in the matter of enthusing new life into local branches, and as a whisper is heard that a dissolution of Parliament is looming in the near future, all friends of the organisation are expected to rally to the Standard. 

Mr Thwaites is well pleased with his reception at both Frankston and Somerville and where he was successful in enrolling many new members. 

On Friday he will open a branch of the Federation at Flinders, and on Wednesday the 9th inst he will attend a branch meeting at Frankston, in the hall, when it is hoped all members and intending members will attend. 

The business is election of officers for the year and other important business.


TODAY (Saturday), at 2.15 p.m, a special train will leave Frankston for Mornington, returning at 5.30, after the football match between the Frankston and Mornington teams. 

Return tickets are being sold at 2s 6d, children half price.


REV E. Tonkin will give a lantern talk on “Across America” in the local Methodist Church, on Tuesday evening next.

The pictures include views of New York, Niagara Falls, and North American Indians. 

Mr Alison-Norris F. R. G. S. will assist. 

There will be musical items and refreshments.

The admission will be a shilling, children half price. Proceeds to be devoted to the Trust Fund,


A WELCOME home social will be held in the Mechanics’ Hall’ on Friday evening July 11th, to welcome, home a number of our local boys recently returned from active service. (See advt. )


PROFOUND regret was expressed throughout the district on Wednesday last when it became known that Mr George Darcy had passed away. 

He was a member of the A.I.F. and since returning from the Front had been in very indifferent health, being specially affected by heart trouble. 

Deceased was a great favorite and his demise came as a great shock to his numerous friends. 

On returning from the war the late Mr Darcey married Miss Florrie McSweeney, of Frankston and sincere sympathy is felt for the widow and her little son. 

Deceased was one of five sons to enlist. He was the son of the late Mr James Darcy of Lauriston and Kyneton and his mother is still living in Frankston. 

The funeral took place on Thursday and was very largely attended.

The cortège on reaching the railway bridge passed through two long lines of school children. 

The service at the grave was conducted by the Rev E. Tonkin and the impressiveness of the occasion was increased with the sounding of the Last Post. 

The beautiful wreaths were forwarded, including wreaths from the Frankston Branch of the Returned Soldiers’ Association, “Wattle” Club and the School children.


FROM the pages of the Mornington Standard, 5 July 1919

First published in the Frankston Times – 1 July 2019

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