Frankston crown their “Ugly Man”


A PLEASING ceremony was performed at the Mechanics’ Hall, Frankston, on Saturday evening, when taking advantage of the R.S. League’s dance, the Anzac Appeal Committee had arranged for the proclaiming and crowning of Mr. Mark Brody, the successful candidate for the honour of being the ugliest man in the shire. 

The competition, which had caused much amusement, was instrumental in securing a substantial sum, the bulk of which was paid in support of Mr. Brody’s candidature.

When the curtain rose for the crowning ceremony, Mr. Brody, who was the nominee of the Red Cross Stall, was disclosed seated on an improvised throne and gaily decorated with a huge Red Cross flag. 

Mr. Jennings, before presenting the beautifully framed and embossed certificate, said he hoped the electors at the forthcoming municipal elections would show the same acumen and intelligence as had been displayed in the election of which he had the honour of now acting as returning officer. 

Some people, particularly the ladies, had objected to Mr. P Brody being called an ugly man, but this was a democratic country, and it was only another incident of the majority of the electors ruling. 

The word of the electors was the law. He had much pleasure, therefore, in proclaiming Mr. Brody the ugliest man in the shire, and presenting him with the certificate that would for all time prove his claim to that honour.

Miss Gregory, on behalf of the executive of the Anzac Appeal Committee, with a few appropriate remarks, placed the crown on Mr. Brody’s head. 

Immediately showers of confetti enveloped the new sovereign, and it was several minutes before he was able to return thanks. 

In doing so, Mr. Brody spoke eloquently of his nominators’ (the Red Cross ladies) fine work during the past five years, and said that the Anzac Appeal had shown there was still ample scope for the grand combination, initiative, and solid work which had been used to such advantage during the dark days of war. 

He sincerely hoped the ladies would keep together and “carry on” for the good of the soldiers and the community generally.


AT the Mornington Police Court last week Marcus Goulding was charged with driving a motor car on a public highway recklessly in a manner which was dangerous to the public. 

Mr. W. S. Cook who appeared for accused objected to the wording of the summons and the bench agreed that the word “recklessly” be eliminated. 

After hearing evidence the case was dismissed.


THE monthly meeting of the committee of the Frankston Mechanics’ Institute was held on Monday night 7th inst.

There were present: Messrs P. Wheeler (chairman), Oates, Lasslett, W. W. Young and W. C. Young. 

An apology was received from Dr Sidney Plowman who was absent owing to illness. 

A letter was received from the Frankston Gas Co. in reply to the Committee’s complaint re unsatisfactory light and promising to enquire into same. 

The Chief Secretary’s Department intimated that the Frankston Library had been allotted a grant of £2 17s 3d. 

The secretary of the Anzac Appeal, Frankston wrote asking for refund of hall hire. 

It was resolved on the motion of Mr Lasslett and Cr Oates that a donation of £2 2s be made to the Appeal Fund together with the intimation that refunds of hall rent could not be made.

The Frankston Branch of the Returned Soldiers Association made a similar request, it being urged that the weekly socials returned only a small margin of profit. 

The secretary was instructed to point out that the Committees’ rules will not permit of refunds being made. 

An offer was received from R. H. Stephens to effect repairs to outside of Mechanics’ buildings for £32. 

It was resolved on the motion of Mr Wheeler that the tender be submitted to the Committee’s architect (Mr. Ward.) 

Accounts amounting to £29 18s 1d were passed for payment.


ATTENTION is directed to an advertisement appearing in another column relating to the preparation of the new voters’ lists for the Shire of Frankston and Hastings.

Ratepayers interested should lodge their application with the Shire secretary (Mr J E Jones) not later than 14th July. 

The Council has appointed the 25th July for the revision of the rolls.


R.S.A. Euchre Tournament

The second round of the tournament held in connection with the Frankston Branch of Returned Soldiers was held on Thursday evening when there was a record attendance. 

Miss W. Rodgers after a play off with Mrs R. Wells, Mrs Trowsdale and Miss Cronin (9 games each) was successful in winning first prize (pair of glass salad dishes donated by Miss Jones.)

Mr R. Burton won the gent: (shaving mug and brush donated by Mr Morrison.) 

Miss Pearl McLean and Mr Wilkinson captured the booby prizes.

Mrs Wilcox was again to the fore assisted by Mrs Burton in preparing the refreshments.


MR G. E. Rogers has received word from the Defence Department that his son, Private L. C. Rogers, of the Cyclist Batt, is returning to Australia by the “Mahia”, and is expected to reach Melbourne on or about the 20 inst.


MR P. L. C. O’Shannassy, whose death occurred at Hastings last week, retired from the police force about three years ago, and after a short sojourn at Frankston, returned to live at Hastings. 

He was well known to nature students as a bird lover and reliable authority on birds and their habits. 

Of retiring disposition and keen initiative, he had won a large circle of friends. 

We extend our sympathy to his wife and two daughters, who survive him.


CONGRATULATIONS are extended to two more Somerville soldiers – Cpl. Philbrick and Pte. B. Dickson who returned home last week, both being passengers on the “Orontes”.


THE Frankston And District Gas And Electric Co. Pty. Ltd.

To Our Consumers,

We have experienced considerable difficulties in keeping our Works going, due to the shipping strike and the consequent shortage of coal.

The coal now made available to us is “slack” of inferior quality. It is of very great difficulty to maintain a gas supply with such material and on our gas supply depends our electric light service.

We however, hope for the present, to maintain the supply of both gas and electricity, and will keep going as long as we can get coal, regardless of the price. 

We ask the forbearance of our customers under the trying conditions and would request them to observe the gas restrictions imposed by the Central Coal Board, which will relieve the situation to a large extent.


Managing Director.

Melbourne. 10th July 1919.


FROM the pages of the Mornington Standard, 12 July 1919

First published in the Frankston Times – 8 July 2019

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