Early training for seeing eye dogs

Training wheels: Puppy development trainer Claire Crewe with a trainee seeing eye dog. Picture: Supplied

VISION Australia’s seeing eye dogs are expected to have more than 40 puppies by the end of August which may one day become a partner to someone that is blind or has low vision.

Once the pups are about 15 months old they will begin formal training at Kensington but, before that, their training begins all over Victoria.

Puppy development trainer Claire Crewe says the Mornington Peninsula is a good place for the puppies to begin their training.

“The peninsula is a great area to be a puppy carer because it offers an array of different environments to train and expose your puppy to. Parks, beaches, shops, the has it all,” 

Ms Crewe said puppy caring involved looking after a puppy for up to a year while it was aged two to 15 months.

“In that time, you will begin the pup on its training journey by teaching it how to sit, how to walk nicely on a lead and how to toilet, among other things,” she said. 

Carers would be regularly visited by a puppy development trainer “who can answer any questions”. 

Food, equipment, veterinary bills and bedding is supplied by Seeing Eye Dogs.

An information session about puppy caring will be held 10.30am Friday 19 July at Mornington Library in Vancouver Street.

First published in the Frankston Times – 16 July 2019

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