Motion to limit charge for football match entry defeated


Cr Oates said he noticed in the “Standard” that his action to prevent the Football Association charging 1s instead of 6d and 1d tax to football matches had been resented in some quarters. 

The Association, without notice, had increased the charge, and quite a lot of people resented their action, and although he had taken steps to have it blocked in the match between Frankston and Somerville, he had not been successful. 

He considered 6d a sufficient charge, and he moved the Association be informed that the maximum charge allowed would be 6d and 1d tax in forthcoming matches held in the Council’s parks.

Cr Mason seconded.

Cr Griffeth thought it would have been impossible to give change to the large crowd at the recent match. He considered 1s a reasonable price for semi-finals and finals, particularly as the clubs benefited. 

The players were not paid, and the association officers did not benefit. Any balance at the end of the season was divided amongst the clubs. 

He believed two Frankston men forced their way through the gate, refusing to pay.

Cr Oates – It was a wonder they did not all do so.

Cr Griffeth said it was the intention of the association, if funds permitted, to insure players against accident.

Surely this should be encouraged ?

Cr Oates – The people who are being penalised are the people who have stood to their clubs all through.

Cr Griffeth – The association may remove their matches to another shire.

Cr Oates – That is a threat.

Cr Murray thought it inadvisable at this late hour to interfere. He thought the association should have given the public notice before increasing the price.

Cr Oates said it would be the people of this shire who were penalized.

Balnarring and Dromana were out and Mornington had arranged a match on their own ground for the Saturday next, to keep their people away from Somerville, so the public of Frankston and Hastings Shire would have to pay.

Cr Howell considered that the Council should have been approached by the Association before the price was altered. 

They were dealing with reserves held in trust for the public.

Cr Longmuir thought 1s had been charged previously.

Cr Oates did not think so.

The Council had authority to collect 10 per cent but had never done so.

Cr Griffeth said the footballers had done most to improve the Somerville park.

Cr Latham thought a shilling a fair charge.

Cr Unthank said notice of increase should have been given, but 1s, was a fair charge.

President – I think so too.

The motion was lost – the voting being equal. For – Crs Oates, Mason, Hoban, Howell, Armstrong and Wells.

Against – Crs Turner, Unthank, Longmuir, Latham, Murray and Griffeth.


OWING to Thursday being Show Day, the “Wattle” club will hold their usual fortnightly euchre party and dance on Wednesday 24th September.


THE third term of Mrs Dial’s private school, Frankston, has commenced at St. Paul’s school room and intending pupils should enroll with the principal at once.


IT is expected by the Water Commission that a supply will be carried through to Flinders naval base within a few weeks. 

Arrangements have been made to connect the various townships en route, and it will be possible at an early date to link up the system with Frankston. 

Other townships will receive supplies shortly afterwards.


APPLICATIONS for Peace Loan Bonds will be received up to September 23rd. 

The interest 5 per cent is payable half yearly in June and December, and is not liable to State Income Tax. 

Attached to each bond are coupons for the interest – one for each half year – and as those become due they can be cashed free of charge at any Bank or Money Order Post Office.


ANOTHER Early Train Proposal – Many members of the Commercial Travellers’ Association, of Victoria are interesting themselves in trying to secure a Monday Morning Train from Frankston to connect with all early morning country trains. 

It is presumed that if this train is secured quite a number of commercial men will reside permanently in Frankston.


A GRAND cornucopia will be held in the Frankston State School and grounds on Friday, 10th October. 

The proceeds are to be devoted to the purchase of a piano for the school. 

During the years of war the children devoted their energies to raising funds for patriotic causes, and as this is their first effort for their school the committee expect to score a big success.


THE “Frankston Cup” – (Racing men are advised to keep cool this is not a racing trophy.) 

In connection with the boxing tournament in Melbourne for returned soldiers arranged by the State Commandant, Brigadier General Brand, and organised by Major Conder, we notice that Mr J. B. Jolly of Frankston has donated a silver cup for competition to be known as the Frankston cup.


THE Frankston Mechanics’ Institute is at present undergoing repairs and a general spring clean up. 

The painting work is being carried out by Mr Bert Stephens, who appears to be handling his task in a very workmanlike way. 

It is to be hoped that the Committee will bear in mind that the building with a new coat on does not give more room inside and that the public are anxiously awaiting the long promised enlargement of the ball.


LAST week the Prince of Wales Hotel, Frankston, was purchased by Mr A. McKinnon of Melbourne, from Mr J. Sheridan of Frankston. 

The price paid is said to have been a substantial one, and consistent with the upward tendency of property values now existing in this district. 

The new owner contemplates substantial improvements to the present commodious building, including the erection of a balcony and extensive accommodation for motorists. 

The present lessee is Mrs H. Garrood and her lease does not expire till about the middle of next year.


MR D. H. Allen during a recent tour of the Peninsula proved a keen and critical observer. 

His impressions formed regarding our fruit growing areas were highly favorable, and coming from such a practical source his views carry more than ordinary weight.

Mr Allen, who is the travelling representative of Mitchell and Co. Pty. Ltd., the well known manufacturers of farming and orcharding implements, has had 23 years experience as an orchardist and at present owns “Yaroba” orchard, Croydon, but he admits that he wants to see nothing better than the orchards of Somerville and surrounding districts. 

It is the intention of Mr Allen’s firm to arrange exhibitions in the various centres featuring their orchard plows, spring tooth barrows and other implements. 

Mr H. Gomm of Somerville has been appointed the local representative for the Peninsula, and Mr R. E. Peebles, is the firms sub agent for Frankston. 

When the date for holding the exhibition has been arranged ample notice will be given so that all interested may have an opportunity of attending.


FROM the pages of the Mornington Standard, 20 September 1919

First published in the Frankston Times – 16 September 2019

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