Grand final arrests


POLICE operation Scoreboard took place over the Grand Final long weekend, running from Thursday until midnight on Sunday.

Statewide police removed 243 drinks drivers and 265 drug drivers from the road. They detected 8702 traffic offences and 746 crime offences while their increased presence was out on the roads.

A driver in Keysborough fell foul of police over the long weekend when he was pulled over. Police caught the driver running a red light in front of a marked police car.

The driver was found to be unlicensed, and the car was impounded for a month at a cost of $980.

Road Policing Command Assistant Commissioner Stephen Leane said it was “disappointing to see so many people make the conscious decision to drink or take drugs and get behind the wheel of a car.”

“Everyone wants to have a good time on the footy grand final weekend, but unfortunately due to poor choices some people were either hit with a fine, lost demerits or had their car impounded,” he said.

“Saying this, the majority of people did the right thing and were able to enjoy the weekend for all it had to offer.”

Over 100,000 breath tests were conducted across the course of the police operation.

First published in the Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone News – 2 October 2019

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