Herbicide use banned


FRANKSTON Council has voted to “discontinue the use of the current herbicide regime” including the herbicide Glyphosate at its latest ordinary council meeting.

The motion was proposed by Cr Glenn Aitken, who named a long list of countries which had introduced measures to ban Glyphosate.

“We’ve all got our opinions of herbicides and I’ve had my view on this issue for some time. However referring to the information that is out there internationally, it’s quite startling,” he said.

“Probably the key to the whole issue is the $2 billion lawsuit in America that was awarded, and I understand that has now passed through three trials and been affirmed. The number of bans and restrictions in cities, countries, and states around the world is quite extraordinary in regards to glyphosate. 

“We can’t ignore this issue any longer.”

Cr Sandra Mayer said “we asked officers to go out and do a trial a while ago, this has been dragging out for some time. Unfortunately when it came back to council (…) the results are then saying its the cheapest and most effective option.”

“We don’t quite know what the financial implications will be, but what price do you put on a life. We’re talking about many lives,” she said

The move to ban Glyphosate was approved by all present councillors.

The ban will apply to all council staff and its contractors, and will come into place from 1 July 2020.

First published in the Frankston Times – 28 October 2019

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2 thoughts on “Herbicide use banned

  1. Wow knee jerk reaction much?

    Do these councillors realise that banning Glyphosate will lead to the use of herbicides which are MORE TOXIC to the environment and the user?

    All well and good if they are going to totally fund alternatives…. which will likely cost 3-4 times as much….

  2. When used CORRECTLY the risk of harm from Glyphosate is no more than many other chemicals used daily in the municipality…
    All you have to do is read the MSDS.
    Toilet Cleaner
    Linemarking Paint
    Grafitti removal solvents
    Other Herbicides….

    the list goes on.

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