Frankston goes mobile

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FRANKSTON’S first official mobile app has been launched.

The Visit Frankston application was released on 28 November, with the aim of being a companion for visitors and residents travelling through area.

The development of the app was completed at a cost of just over $35,000 to Frankston ratepayers. The mayor Sandra Mayer said “the app was created in response to a recent review of council’s visitor and information services.”

“This review identified the need to diversify the way information is delivered to residents and visitors by providing interactive, engaging and personalised experiences,” she said. “The app immerses audiences in the city’s events, natural attractions, arts, culture and dining scenes in a convenient, accessible and playful way.

“The app further cements council’s place as industry innovators and supports the city’s reputation as a regional hub of tourism, visitor and business services.”

The app features what’s on listings, interactive maps and location-based services, restaurants, and accommodation options.

Cr Mayer said “each year 991,000 visitors come to Frankston City, many to see friends and relatives or attend our great events and festivals.”

“Our guests use different tools to learn about new places and find their way around the city. The app will provide them convenient and high-impact ways to explore,” she said.  “We want Frankston to be a smart city for our locals and visitors.” 

The app can be downloaded from the app store now.

First published in the Frankston Times – 16 December 2019

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2 thoughts on “Frankston goes mobile

  1. What a waste of money this is….this was proposed in 2014 for a cost of 10,000 and rejected on petty point scoring councillors and useless council officer’s. But lets pay 35,000 for it now five years later! You do the math! Dumb diddy dumb!!

  2. Unbelievable.
    When I was in Council and Mayor in 2014, I moved a motion to have a “Visit Frankston” App available for locals and tourists to easily find events and activities in the City of Frankston.

    At the time the cost was $10,000 not not $35,000 as now stated by the Mayor.

    This motion for the App was rejected by Frankston Council Officers and ultimately Council. The Council Officers, under questioning from Councillors during a meeting, expressed their objection to such an idea.

    The proposal was rejected by Council and I received much criticism for such an idea. Here we are in 2019 and a visit Frankston App is now live. One has to suspect:

    1. A gate keeper mentality from Frankston Council Officers
    2. the lack of foresight by Frankston Councillors.

    What is Interesting, the current Mayor did not support my proposal.

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