Report into development applications


A REPORT will be prepared by Frankston Council officers looking into whether developers embroiled in the IBAC investigation into alleged corruption at Casey Council have lodged applications in Frankston.

Frankston councillors voted on 16 December to order a “comprehensive” public report for their February meeting “concerning the fallout from the ongoing IBAC investigation relative to Casey City Council”.

The report will detail “whether any of the developers or named actors have had applications lodged in Frankston or have had representations made to Frankston City Council, what increased processes Frankston City Council could implement to ensure that the allegations vis-a-vis Casey City Council do not occur at Frankston City Council, and what additional future processes (if any) will Frankston City Council consider to further strengthen and protect its planning decisions.” 

Councillors also ordered that “a stocktake of planning decisions – recent (previous 5 years) and current – be considered as part of council’s next internal audit.”

The move comes after a similar move by Kingston councillors, who agreed to take a closer look at applications approved by council that may have involved property developer John Woodman.

First published in the Frankston Times – 23 December 2019

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