Crackdown on noise complaints


A NEW local law has been introduced to punish owners of short stay rental properties whose guests cause trouble and make too much noise. 

Under the new local law, owners will be charged an annual registration fee of $150, with a penalty of up to $2000 for those who fail to register. If three substantiated complaints or one severe complaint is made to Frankston Council in regards to a property, owners face cancellation of their registration.

Frankston mayor Sandra Mayer said “the new local law endeavours to set a standard of management for short stay properties, currently not covered under any other legislation.”

“It was created in response to noise and nuisance complaints from residents neighbouring a small number of these properties,” she said. “Through the local law council will have greater powers to respond to these complaints as they arise.”

Under the new local law, short stay property owners must also provide council the contact details of a designated person who can respond to enquiries and complaints at “any time of the day or night”.

Cr Glenn Aitken said at council’s most recent meeting that the law was needed to fill a “gap in the system”.

“People want their peace and quiet,” he said.

Cr Quinn McCormack said the law needed to be brought in after “many, many complaints”.

“Now we finally have a means of tackling this scourge plaguing members of our community,” she said.

The local law proposal was approved by council with unanimous agreement.

First published in the Frankston Times – 10 February 2020

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