Put keys away


FOUR cars were stolen last week when owners left the keys inside their vehicles.

In the early hours of 6 February, offenders broke into a used car lot in Seaford and stole keys from an unlocked car. They used the keys to steal a 1996 Toyota Hilux.

Overnight 9 February in Frankston, a 2019 Skoda was stolen after the offender found the spare keys inside the boot of the car. Work tools were also inside the vehicle when it was taken.

The same night in Frankston, an offender broke into one of the victim’s cars, and found the keys for their other car inside. They stole the Hyundai i30 using the key.

On 10 February overnight in Langwarrin, two Volkswagen Golfs were targeted by an unknown offender. The victim had left the keys to one of the cars lying on the centre console of the other. The offender smashed the window, stole the keys, then stole the car.

All cars are still outstanding as of 11 February.

Frankston Police Senior Constable Nathaniel Seymour said that people who leave their keys in plain sight are “making themselves easy targets”.

“If offenders can’t see something they want, they likely won’t cause any damage. Lock your cars and keep things out of view,” he said.

First published in the Frankston Times – 17 February 2020

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