Second shutdown hits Frankston


FRANKSTON residents will be subject to stage three lockdown restrictions for the next five weeks.

Premier Daniel Andrews last week announced that all metropolitan council areas would move back to harsher restrictions following a spike in COVID-19 cases. Neighbouring council areas Kingston and Mornington Peninsula are also bound by the newly imposed rules.

The four reasons for leaving home under a stage three lockdown are to shop for food and essential items, caregiving, exercise, and to work or study.

Some local businesses and services that had begun to reopen after the first lockdown will once again be forced to shut their doors. Cafes and restaurants will revert back to takeaway.

The Peninsula Aquatic Recreation Centre had finally reopened after a three-month closure period, but shut their doors once again on 8 July. Library branches in Frankston and Carrum Downs had also reopened, but have now closed. Click and collect is not running at the library, and current loans have been extended until 1 September.

Other businesses including cinemas and gyms that had reopened will again be forced to close.

Frankston mayor Sandra Mayer said “we understand this is disappointing for many residents, however we’ve worked hard to offer services online where possible, including via the PARC Your Way app, online borrowing and community centre Facebook pages.”

“We understand the second lockdown has placed added pressure on our diverse communities and our $6.434 million relief and recovery package aims to support their recovery in the long term.”

Victoria’s Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton said “these restrictions have become necessary because of the sharp increase in cases.”

“Restaurants and cafes will return to takeaway and delivery services only, and beauty and personal services will need to close. Entertainment and cultural venues will need to close. Community sport will also stop.”

The current lockdown restrictions will run until at least mid-August.

First published in the Frankston Times – 13 July 2020

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4 thoughts on “Second shutdown hits Frankston

  1. Today I went to mount Martha to take food to mother in-law.
    Much to my surprise forest drive golf course was packed cars and people everywhere.
    I thought gaming. Sports was also part of restrictions in stage 3. Only four reasons. That is not one of them.
    People really need to get there act together and stay home. Let’s get out of this hole we are in

  2. Why is Kmart, Target, Retail stores, Harvey Norman, Goodguys, JB HiFi, Bunnings Warehouse hard ware stores open. They are not essential.

    All restaurants had to take peoples name, telephone Number and suburb they are from.

    None of the other businesses did that.

    To slow the COVID19 down all shops retailers, hard ware store etc.
    Except chemist Food store or stationary.

    They should make them click and collect.

    People not doing the right thing should be fined or loose the Job Keeper/ Job Seeker or any help from the government.

    People will think twice before leaving there house if they know they will loose any help from the government/Centre Link.

    STOP saying they would be fined.
    Just do it There are so many people doing the right thing and we are all suffering because of the few who think they are above the law.

    Australia is to soft and needs to harden up .

  3. I agree I am one of many people doing the right thing and these other people doing the wrong thing make it much more scarier for us older generation because if we get COVID 19 they will pick and choose who will be given the necessary medical treatment
    I find this very offensive as myself my family and every other older Australian and their families worked so bloody hard and we made this country as profitable as it is. I did three jobs to buy our first house no government relief in our day and the mere fact that if I got sick being older the medical facilities would not treat me so all of us do the the right thing and live like hermits very rarely going out and these selfish people are spreading the virus I live in sth Gippsland look at the exodus of 50.000.00 people invading our area where we had no cases now we have cases
    This is not fair to every older Australian THINK BEFORE LEAVING TO GO OUT. PLEASE

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