Hastings to the fore! Frankston outplayed


AFTER the physical tussle between Mornington and Frankston on the Saturday previous, a large contigent, including many ladies, journeyed by the special to Hastings on Saturday last in the expectancy of seeing a rattling game between Hastings and Frankston, but, whilst the Hastings people were joyful, the Frankstonites were as gloomy as a “a wet Saturday night.” 

Not that they begrudged Hastings the sweets of victory, but because they fought with a punctured side – you know, there were holes in it. 

These holes, figuratively speaking, of course, are usually stopped by the presence of six of the best – Gurr, Gabriel, Eades, Fairnie, Darcy, and Williams, – but they were not present. 

Emergencies – even they were limited – were resurrected (including the previously injure Gamble) and they did the best that could be done in the circumstances.

There was a good sprinkling of spectators, the majority being local people, who, very rightly, appreciated the result of the game 

The playing arena was in a deplorable state, being wet, slippery, and more fitted for the game of tobogganing than the great national pastime. 

Umpire Currie had charge, and he gave the players a little more rope than he would have done had the arena been in a state more suitable for the game.

But, despite that, Hastings played a remarkable game – there’s no mistake about it. 

They played together, they marked and kicked superbly, and for the first three quarters quite outplayed the visitors. 

In the first part of the game, Campbell, O’Neill, and Carmichael kicked goals for Hastings, and Frankston only managed single. 

In almost every department of the game, Hastings showed out advantageously. 

Hastings ran out well-merited winners by 8 goals 12 behinds to 5 goals 10 behinds.


AT a meeting of the Executive of the Local Repatriation Committee on on Friday, July 23rd, the Secretary submitted a report showing the result of the meeting held by the local branch of the Returned Sailors’ and Soldiers’ Imperial League on the 12th inst. to inquire into the charges laid by a returned soldier against the President of the Executive, Cr. W. J. Oates. 

The Executive was permitted to attend this meeting, and several matters affecting repatriation were dealt with, as fully reported in the “Standard” on July 16th. 

After hearing the report, showing that the charges had been withdrawn and an apology extended to Cr. Oates by the returned soldier making the charges, the Executive unanimously passed the following resolution:

“That this Executive congratulated its members against whom the charges were made, and records its satisfaction at the result of the enquiry, which should bring about a better understanding between returned soldiers and this Executive”.


MR F, J. Groves, M.L.A, has been elected first Mayor of Carrum.

A banquet to celebrate the event was held at Chelsea on Wednesday night, when the Premier of Victoria, the Lord Mayor of Melbourne, and Sir Alexander Peacock delivered congratulatory speeches.


THE Peninsula Schools’ Committee Association meet at Frankston next Tuesday evening.


THE Frankston branch of the Protestant Federation will be represented by its president, Mr James Grice and the secretary, Mr L. J. Ward, at the annual conference, next week.


CR. W. P. Mason, chairman of the Kananook Creek Improvement Committee, has convened a meeting to be held at Seaford on Friday night the 6th August.


TOMORROW a clearing sale takes place at Tyabb, on account of Mrs. O’Neill. Full details are advertised by the auctioneers, Messrs Brody and Mason.


THE monthly meeting of the Shire Council takes place at Hastings next Thursday. Tenders to be deal with are advertised in another column.


MESSRS Brody and Mason, advertise an important sale of furniture at their rooms, Frankston, on Monday 9th August.


AT the invitation of the V.M.C., Miss Gregory and Mrs Dalman attended at Sargeants last Monday afternoon to witness a display of pictures connected with the activities of motorists in entertaining invalid soldiers. 

The visitors were met by Mr Robison, vice-president.

Included in the numerous pictures thrown on the screen were about 40 views relating to the entertainment of soldiers at Frankston by the Wattle Club.


NEXT Thursday evening, in the Frankston Hall, a footballers’ social will be held for the purpose of raising funds for the local club.

The ladies are working energetically, and a successful evening is assured.


THE Rev. G. J. Murphy, B.A., will occupy the pulpit at the Frankston Presbyterian Church on Sunday next.


THE goods shed at the Frankston railway station was broken into last Monday night a large quantity of stores stolen, including groceries, tea and 2 rolls of copper wire.

Entry was made by cutting a hole in the galvanised iron which forms the walls of the building, and it is believed that the thieves used a motor car in getting away with their booty.


CONSTABLE Diaball returned to Frankston this week, after several weeks absence on special duty.


A PLEASING event took place the other day, when Mr W. G. Luff, who recently joined the ranks of the Benedicts, was presented by the staff at the local railway station and Frankston friends, with a handsome clock. 

The S.M. Mr. P. J . Nankervis, in making the presentation, wished Mr and Mrs Luff all sorts of good luck as their future lot. 

After others had spoken Mr Luff made a suitable response.


OWING to the Frankston Brass Band having secured the right to the Mechanics’ Hall on Saturday nights, Mr Hooper notifies by advertisement that he has discontinued showing pictures at Frankston.


IT will be to the advantage of ladies to visit Mrs Gertrude Dodd’s drapery and millinery establishment in Young Street, Frankston. 

Mrs Dodd has had a wide experience in London in the drapery and millinery trade with Bourne & Hollingsworth Limited, Oxford Street, London, and also in the wholesale trade, which experience has made her a very keen buyer of quality goods.


MR. William Kemp, formerly of Frankston, has returned to reside at Frankston. 

He proposes to erect a costly home on Melbourne Road, Frankston.


UMPIRE CoxheIl has been appointed to umpire the two semi-finals of the Second Association at Morningon and Frankston.


FROM the pages of the Mornington Standard, 30 July 1920

First published in the Frankston Times – 3 August 2020

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