Watch out for scam calls


TELEPHONE scams have been on the rise lately, police say.

Scam victims are told that they have an outstanding tax debt, and are asked for their personal information or bank account details.

A statement on the police eyewatch Facebook page read “often the number displayed on the caller identification is that of a local police station or other government agency, such as the ATO. The scammers reportedly ask for personal information or bank details, and in some examples request the victim purchases online music vouchers or similar products to pay supposed fines.”

“If you receive a phone call requesting personal information or payment from a person representing themselves from a law enforcement or government agency, do not respond to the request and hang up, call the institution back via a publicly listed phone number, if you have lost money as a result of this type of scam, please report the matter to your local police station.”

Scams can be reported at

First published in the Frankston Times – 13 October 2020

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