Beach rubbish overflowing


OVERFLOWING bins at Frankston’s beaches have prompted council to double its foreshore bin collections.

Huge waves of people have hit local beaches this month as COVID-19 restrictions ease and the weather warms up.

Bins on the foreshore were filling quickly, but now they will be emptied more frequently. Temporary bins have also been installed to help keep up with the influx of beachgoers.

Frankston Council CEO Phil Cantillon said “Victorians are being encouraged to enjoy their downtime outdoors, having more picnics and can now travel further and take advantage of our beautiful beaches. Unfortunately this meant that we saw a lot of litter piled up on and around the most accessible bins, generally located at prominent foreshore entry points.”

“The nearest bins to the beach tend to attract the most rubbish but there are also bins located on the walkways to our carparks. If you can’t access these bins when you’re leaving the foreshore, please take your waste home and dispose of it in your household bins, for kerbside collection,” he said.

“We will continue to monitor and adapt our service as we move into the summer months.”

Neighbouring Kingston Council also had to expand their waste collection on the foreshore in response to the large number of people visiting beaches in the area.

First published in the Frankston Times – 17 November 2020

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