Vinyl store on the foreshore


RECORD collectors will find plenty of albums to get their hands on in Frankston this month.

The Frankston Foreshore Pop Up Record Fair will take place on 17 April. 

Event organiser Leif van den Dungen, of Melbourne Record Club, said “I’m really looking forward to being by the water with this one. There’s going to be marquees over about 12 tables and I’ve got some bunting for some colour – it’s going to be an old-school type of fair.”

“People talk fondly of the crackle, hiss and pop. You’ve got to interact with a record – getting up to turn it over – and you’re not inclined to skip through tracks so you’re listening to more music than you might otherwise.

“Any mainstream band pressed on vinyl is going to go up in value. I recall purchasing The Rolling Stones or David Bowie LPs from second hand stores like Dixons only 10 years back for under $15 each. Now you’d be lucky to find an original pressing for under $50.”

The event will run from 10am – 4pm. It will be run in partnership with Frankston Council.

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First published in the Frankston Times – 6 April 2021

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