Eight storey shopping expansion approved

REDEVELOPMENT plans for the Bayside Shopping Centre. Picture: Supplied

AN eight-storey extension to the Bayside Shopping Centre has been approved by the planning minister.

Frankston MP Paul Edbrooke confirmed that the project had been given the green light last week. “The project is shovel ready and will assist in stimulating our economy with a capital expenditure of $240 million, and creating employment with 210 construction jobs and 1,470 ongoing jobs in our CBD. These are a priority in the current economic circumstances caused by the coronavirus pandemic,” he posted on his Facebook page.

“The eight-storey development will deliver a high-quality urban design outcome and achieve a high sustainability rating. The project includes 14,037 square metres of office floorspace with 1,772 square metres of retail floorspace at ground level. The project will enhance the public realm, particularly for pedestrians using Balmoral Walk, White Street Mall and Shannon Street Mall.”

The project had been put before Frankston Council in August, although they deferred a vote on the proposal. The minister had written to council in July to tell them he was considering preparation of a planning scheme amendment to directly enable the construction of the building.

Councillors signalled their concern that the proposal would not have a sufficient amount of car parking (“Shopping centre expansion considered”, The Times, 17/8/20).

First published in the Frankston Times – 20 October 2020

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